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Video Rewind: It's In His Kiss

Updated on November 6, 2014

Every so often a movie comes along as "controversial" as Brokeback Mountain (due to the kiss between Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal) and with all the hype surrounding it. I thought this dud would be good but I guess I expected too much from it.

Men planting a kiss onto another man has been around for a long time, but no one seemed to care back then.

One of the first mainstream movies to show two men kissing has to be Looking for Mr. Goodbar when Tom Berenger plants one on his sugar daddy. The movie also opens with disco diva Thelma Houston's "Don't Leave Me This Way" and within the first five minutes they show guys kissing (even though it's still photography) and then later when Diane Keaton and her "date" go to a gay bar some of the men are locking lips.

That must have been tame for 1977.

Jump ahead to 1986 when the independent movie Parting Glances came out. By this time we had already been exposed to androgyny and this is one of those rare gems that never really found a mainstream audience. The answer probably lies in the fact that one of the main characters (Steve Buscemi) is a famous musician dying from AIDS.

But in the beginning of Parting Glances we have our "guppie model gay male couple" (John Bolger and Richard Ganoung) making out like there's no tomorrow. Actually, there really is no tomorrow to speak since it takes place the night before Bolger's character is expected to leave the country.

Parting Glances is one of those underrated movies since the performances are exceptional all around. It even features an up and coming performance by Kathy Kinney (Mimi from The Drew Carey Show sans painted face). This is one of those independent movies which the Academy overlooked and it's worth watching over and over.

The same goes for 1994's The Sum of Us about a young gay man (Russell Crowe) who thinks he may have found Mr. Right (John Polson). While gay in nature the film also explores the relationships between father and sons, one accepting while the other not as receptive.

As Crowe searches for Mr. Right, his widowed father (Jack Thompson) searches for Ms. Right. Then one night at the bar, Crowe meets Polson and after they leave the bar, they end up kissing and cuddling in Crowe's bed, but Polson is uncomfortable being at the house since Jeff's overly accepting father, has a knack of wanting to get to know his son's suitor better.

The movie per say isn't about sex but about relationships as is Parting Glances.

This Australian import was nominated for a slew of Australian Film Institute Awards including Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor (Polson).

Regardless of your position on man to man action a kiss is still the sexiest part of sex no matter who's doing the smooching.


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