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Video Rewind: Obsessed Men

Updated on February 8, 2022
Princess (Season Hubley) is an easy pick up for pimp Ramrod (Wings Hauser)
Princess (Season Hubley) is an easy pick up for pimp Ramrod (Wings Hauser)

Boys Will Be Boys

Glenn Close's character of Alex Forrest in 1987's Fatal Attraction certainly scared many men who saw the movie thinking they could be dating a psychotic woman. Her portrayal of the psycho Alex was so convincing that she was nominated for an Oscar, but what about when the guys go psycho? It seems like it's another day for them.

Even though Michael Biehn didn't gain fame until The Terminator he certainly should have become a household name in the underrated thriller The Fan which starred Lauren Bacall as a Broadway actress who falls victim to "fan" Douglas Breen.

It starts off innocently enough. Douglas sends a letter to his favorite actress Sally Ross but when he doesn't get personalized replies from her he begins to think he's having a relationship with her and she's in love with him. Not so.

His letters become more threatening and when Sally's secretary Belle Goldman (Maureen Stapleton) tips her off to the letters, Sally just tells her to ignore them. She decides to take matters into her own hands and writes back telling him to stop but this only adds fuel to Douglas' obsession.

Soon he starts to stalk her and when those closest to Sally become victims she starts to get a little worried. Who wouldn't be? But then again all the letters have been destroyed and neither Sally nor Belle can remember who's been sending the letters.Biehn does a great job as he goes into psycho mode. His eyes show no emotion as he sets out to get closer to his beloved Sally and when the two finally get together the results are deadly.

But as Douglas, Biehn would be considered a nice guy compared to Mark Wahlberg's David McCall in Fear.

One day after school, Reese Witherspoon and friends Alyssa Milano and Todd Shaffer stop at a local school hangout when Reese and Mark lock eyes in that "I saw you across the room" scenario. They get a flyer to go to an upcoming rave and while Alyssa wants to go Reese has plans with her family, but things are open to change when she sees Mark looking over the flyer and their eyes lock again.

When the plans with the family fall through an angry Reese calls Alyssa and tells her she'll go with her to the rave. As luck would have it Mark's there with his crew and when the police bust the rave he helps Reese out of the building. The two end up spending many hours talking where David's led the "perfect life" back East.

Reese, as Nicole Walker, starts to fall in love with David and the two become a hot couple. Nicole's dad (William Petersen) has his suspicions about David and tries in vain to break up the couple. It all starts when David sets the clock in Mr. Walker's office back half an hour and it takes him a couple of hours to discover what he's done when he misses a deadline.

With the parents gone for a couple of days Nicole calls David up and asks him to come over no matter what time of the night it is. David lets himself into the Walker house with the code to the alarm system and while Nicole sleeps he decides to take a little tour of the house.

When he finally gets around to waking Nicole they spend the rest of the night making love and as happy David goes to pick Nicole up from school he notices Nicole hugging Shaffer which sets him off. He practically pummels him and in the process hits Nicole.

Vowing to never hurt her again he wants to continue the relationship but she puts an end to it and in typical psycho fashion he sets out for revenge after discovering Mr. Walker's paid a visit to his house.Not only is he after Nicole, but he's after the family and Alyssa.

Even though Mark's a little over the edge in the psycho department it's Wings Hauser as Ramrod in Vice Squad who takes the cake. In fact, you probably wouldn't bring home to meet the family.

Ramrod's one of the meanest pimps in Los Angeles and after he accidentally kills Ginger (Nina Blackwood) it's up to Princess (Season Hubley) to help the police capture Hauser.

Throughout the movie it's a cat and mouse game as Princess thinks she's safe since he's been arrested. As with any good thriller, Ramrod manages to escape and now the cops are not only looking for Ramrod, but also for Princess to save her life.

Along for this thrill ride on the streets are Princess' close friends, Dixie (Sudana Bobatoon); Coco (Lydia Lei) and Blue Chip (Kelly Piper) who are also trying to find her to let her know about Ramrod. The film also shows Princess at work and the various johns she meets along the way.

Soon the two will meet up after Ramrod's bloody trail tracks her down and she must survive his wrath while the police, led by Gary Swanson, have to figure out a way to get to her in an abandoned warehouse without adding her as one of his victims.

So while psychotic women are eccentric many it's about time the women should start taking a look at what's lurking behind a guys smile.

When you carve your girlfriends name into your flesh like David (Mark Wahlberg) chances are you're just a tad psychotic
When you carve your girlfriends name into your flesh like David (Mark Wahlberg) chances are you're just a tad psychotic
Sally Ross (Lauren Bacall) hides from her number one fan Douglas Breen (Michael Biehn) following the opening of her new Broadway show
Sally Ross (Lauren Bacall) hides from her number one fan Douglas Breen (Michael Biehn) following the opening of her new Broadway show

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