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Video Rewind: Prom Night

Updated on November 6, 2014
Matthew Perry doesn't want to Dance 'Til Dawn with girlfriend Christina Applegate. He wants to be anywhere but the prom
Matthew Perry doesn't want to Dance 'Til Dawn with girlfriend Christina Applegate. He wants to be anywhere but the prom

With the anticipation of a new school year, it also signals the countdown to prom. That annual spring formal may be months away but you can go to the prom anytime you want thanks to the magic of movies.

We all know the disastrous results of Carrie White's prom, but there have been a lot of movies in which this right of teenage passage turns out good. With of course there are a few teenage shenanigans mixed in.

Spoofing the success of Carrie six years later, Scott Baio showed up in Zapped! as a nerdy science student who accidently develops a formula in which he gains telekinetic powers. While Carrie went on a killing rampage, Barney on the other hand has the ability to undress the girls with his powers.

And before you ask, Barney does have a religious mother (Marya Small) but she's not terrorized by his powers. She's terrorized by a ventriloquist's dummy.

While Zapped spoofs the highly critical Carrie Jamie Lee Curtis' Prom Night is something to die for...literally.

In 1980 when she was the reigning "teen scream queen" Curtis (in her third consecutive horror film) played Kim Hammond, who's sister was accidently killed six years earlier. Kim's friends Kelly (Marybeth Rubens); Jude (Joy Thompson); Wendy (Eddie Benton) and Nick (Casey Stevens) were all present at the time of Robin's death as was someone else. Now the teens have to face their own demise as the killer picks them off one by one until the secret is revealed.

Prom Night has a good premise but you may want to skip this prom. The storyline is slow and you just want the kids to get what's coming to them. There's too much emphasis placed on the past which drags the movie down and before he became the "King of Spoofs" Leslie Neilsen plays Kim and Alex's (Michael Tough) principal father.

In Just One of the Guys, Joyce Hyser goes undercover as a boy hoping to win a chance at an internship for her local newspaper. When her first attempt is shot down by her teacher, she goes to another school for a week. And wouldn't you know it the kids at this rival school are all a flutter with their own prom preparations.

With not having a story idea, she meets shy Rick (Clayton Rohner) another new kid at school. Of course he doesn't know that "Terry" is really a girl in drag. The two bond and her writer's block is history. She decides to give him a makeover and get him a date for the formal event.

While making him over she starts to fall in love with him and becomes jealous when the school's popular girl (Deborah Goodrich) agrees to go with him after she dumps her jock boyfriend (William Zabka).

This is the second time Hyser went to the prom for a movie. She also attended it in 1983's Valley Girl (with Deborah Foreman and Nicholas Cage) and It's also the second time Edie McClurg goes to the prom on film. Her first appearance is in Carrie as Helen and then again as Tracey Gold's wacky (and religious?) mother in Dance 'Til Dawn.

Pink and puce are the color scheme Christina Applegate picks out for her prom in Dance 'Til Dawn, an NBC made-for-television movie which showcased the talents of popular stars of the time, (Gold, Alan Thicke, Tempestt Bledsoe, and Kelsey Grammer). What makes this movie good is they show events prior to the prom, the prom and the after party activities.

There were three plotlines for this movie. The first dealt with the Yuppie couple (Applegate and Matthew Perry) and her demands of the future; the second dealt with the embarrassment of not having a date for popular girl Shelley (Alyssa Milano) and nerdy Dan (Chris Young) and lastly the Cinderella storyline featuring Gold's character and how she was asked to the prom (as a joke by Brian Bloom).

Considering this is a "teen" movie, it's written with maturity and all loose ends are tied up nicely. Each character had a story and even though you have an idea of the outcome you still may be pleasantly surprised.

Whether you'll be staying at home for prom or just want to relive your youth (and embellish a little) these are some good flicks to check out.

It's so bitchin' for Randy (Nicholas Cage) and Julie (Deborah Foreman) as they attend prom in Valley Girl
It's so bitchin' for Randy (Nicholas Cage) and Julie (Deborah Foreman) as they attend prom in Valley Girl


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