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Video Rewind: Reel Love

Updated on November 7, 2014
Diahnne Abbott listens to Robert De Niro's fantasy life in King of Comedy
Diahnne Abbott listens to Robert De Niro's fantasy life in King of Comedy

One thing an actor or actress can count on while on set is the chance of falling in love and eventually getting married (if their relationship lasts that long) along with fodder for the tabloids.

I thought it would be kind of fun to look through my movies and see which married couples have worked together.

Beginning with Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum, the pair starred in a couple of movies together and my favorite has to be Earth Girls Are Easy a romance/comedy/musical/sci-fi blend of outrageous antics (caused by aliens Goldblum, Damon Wayans and Jim Carrey) and Julie Brown.

Davis plays Valerie, a manicurist at the Curl Up and Dye beauty salon who's preparing for her wedding to Dr. Ted (Charles Rocket). While their romantic life isn't up to par, Valerie gets help from Candy (Brown) and changes into a brand new woman which will drive Ted ape. That is until she surprises him by not going to a beauty convention and he brings home one of the nurses from the hospital.

Valerie kicks him out of the house and while lounging poolside the next day, a spaceship crash lands into her pool and out emerge the three furry aliens. After giving them a quick course about life on Earth she takes the trio to the salon and behind closed doors Candy shaves them down to reveal what's hiding behind the fur.

It's instant attraction for Valerie as she falls for Mac (Goldblum) and before you know it everyone's out hitting the club after Wiploc (Carrey) hops into a car full of girls.

When they end up coming home Ted comes over and Valerie tells them she's won an MTV band for a weekend, but Ted's suspicions get the best of him after calling in the cops when his expensive fish "mysteriously" disappear.

As the trio make repairs to their spaceship, narly surfer dude/pool cleaner Woody (Michael McKean) takes Wiploc and Zeebo (Wayans) to the beach to catch some waves which causes Valerie and Mac to go out searching for them.

If you take a quick look during the gas station scene, you'll see gas was ninety-three cents back in 1987 when the film was made.

Valerie and Mac end up at the hospital where she gets Ted's car and Ted gets a strange new patient. Visions of fame dance through his head and he realizes he's truly in love with her, so, he decides on a quick elopement to Las Vegas.

Ecstatic she goes home to pack and then realizes she's in love with Mac and wants to be with him. No wonder Earth Girls Are Easy.

And while on the subject of romance and fantasy, Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin share the same body in All of Me which co-starred Martin's then girlfriend Victoria Tennant. The two eventually married in 1986 but for this film he was more than happy to pursue Tennant.

Tomlin plays Edwina Cutwater, a dying millionairess who has plans of coming back to life in the body of Terry Hoskins (Tennant) but at the moment of Edwina's death something terrible happens when the bowl containing her soul falls out a window and klunks Martin on the head outside of his office building.

As the portal of Edwina's soul, Martin has to learn how to live with her inside of him and while the two hated each other Martin must come to terms with Edwina's soul while searching for Prahka Lasa (Richard Libertini). There's only one person who knows where he's at and Terry's not talking.

At the onset Terry believes this reincarnation stuff is for the birds, but agrees to go along with it since she's about to inherit $28 million dollars once Edwina dies. Greedy, she tries to get rid of Prahka (unsuccessfully) and now that Edwina knows she's been scammed, she wants to get even by getting into Terry's body. Terry has to agree or spend the rest of her life in prison over a variety of offenses.

Throughout the course of the movie, Roger and Edwina get to know each other personally and the two find themselves falling in love. Talk about finding your soul mate!

Then there's Rupert Pupkin (Robert De Niro) who'd love to have the kind of money Edwina has and achieve success in show business in The King of Comedy.

This is one of those black comedies where the characters are willing to do anything to get what they want, even if it involves the kidnapping of late night talk show host Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis).

Since Rupert lives in a fantasy world of his own, he goes to a bar to invite former classmate Rita (Diahnne Abbott and De Niro's wife at the time) to dinner and hopefully woo her into his life.The movie explores the fine line between stalking and fantasy as he invites Rita to Langford's country home for a weekend (unbeknownst to him) and with the vast knowledge Rupert has on Jerry it's hard for him to accept the realization that Langford doesn't want anything to do with the couple.

While Rupert continues to break into the business, he enlists the aid of equally crazy Marsha (Sandra Bernhard) to help him kidnap the late night gabber. Marsha naturally goes along with the plan since she's convinced Langford is in love with her just as much as she's in love with him.

After kidnapping Langford, Rupert carries out his plan of becoming the new comedic sensation by appearing on the show as part of the agreement to release him.

Langford convinces Marsha to set him free and just before the show airs, Rupert goes to the bar where Rita works and turns on the television channel to prove he'd go to any link to become famous and to show how much he wants her.

Even though these unions has long since dissolved they can look back at performing on film together in some really great movies.

Geena Davis falls for space odyssey Jeff Goldblum in Earth Girls Are Easy
Geena Davis falls for space odyssey Jeff Goldblum in Earth Girls Are Easy


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