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Video Rewind: The Good Sisters

Updated on November 14, 2014
The Good Sisters aren't looking for friendly neighbors
The Good Sisters aren't looking for friendly neighbors

These Sisters know how to Clean Up a Neighborhood

Everyone has some bad neighbor story and the Good sisters can be annoying especially when they start doing their chanting at all hours of the night. And when you're living in a boarding house well it can be irritating.

Breanne and Kindra Good (Debbie Rochon and April Monique Burril) are The Good Sisters trying to live a normal life but are constantly looking over their shoulders as they lead a secret life as witches. For years they've been on the lam and when a mysterious neighbor moves in (David Calhoun) Kindra becomes much more paranoid than Breanne.

Both sisters find it strange that Daniel has lived in the boarding house for a month and he hasn't unpacked any boxes. Furthermore, he comes and goes at the same time everyday and after peeping through his window, the man's only furniture consists of a chair and TV.

Kindra also becomes suspicious of the other neighbors and Breanne sort of brushes it off until the night they return home and the power goes off prompting the other women to congregate in their apartment. Once the power comes back on it soon becomes evident that Kindra may be right.

The sisters decide to do some snooping once the neighbors have gone about their daily business and concoct a spell to put on them.

While The Good Sisters is supposed to be a horror movie, I found it to be quite the opposite. It definitely is a mystery and you can't help but feel sorry for the sisters. They're all they have (family wise) and while Burril does double duty as the Costume Supervisor, she puts the sisters in dark clothes representing the depression they must feel within themselves and the lonely lives they lead. I think deep down they want a normal life but witchcraft is all they know and growing up they were obviously outsiders who've had a hard life.

Although Rochon and Burril are perfect as the sisters, Megan Martinek (Niki Wildes) and Brad Smoley (Keith Martin) are worth watching in the future due to their deadpan humor.

Martinek steals the blackout scene as she has to tell everyone about how her husband (Aaron Martinek) is busy working 12 hour shifts and had just gotten a promotion, blah, blah, blah (you know the type) and on the day the sisters do their snooping Breanne finds Smoley at home instead of at work. He's the smarmiest of the characters and just the way he delivers his lines is just too funny.

As an indie "horror" film, I'd have to rate it alongside October Moon which doesn't focus on the horror but the story at hand.


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