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Video Rewind: The Last Blast of Summer

Updated on September 10, 2021
Getting the weekend started off right are Carrie Hamilton and Leilani Sarelle in Shag
Getting the weekend started off right are Carrie Hamilton and Leilani Sarelle in Shag

As Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer, a lot of people travel for the three day weekend (and maybe thereafter while the weather's good) so while we claw to these final days, let's go back in time when living was easy.

SHAG- 1989

Set during the summer of 1963, three friends (Bridget Fonda, Annabeth Gish and Paige Hannah) kidnap their soon to be married friend, Carson (Phoebe Cates) for one last weekend of fun. Carson only agrees to go since she thinks they're going to Fort Sumter, but instead they end up in Myrtle Beach.

The girls hope to meet boys over the weekend and deep down want to see that Carson is making a mistake by marrying Harley (Tyrone Power, Jr.).

But things go awry as Luanne's plans (Hannah) slowly begin to crumble on their first night in town and the girls don't act on their best behavior.

They first meet Buzz (Robert Rusler) and Chip (Scott Coffey) as they cruise the street and meet up again with them at the pavilion where Pudge (Gish) wants to dance, but, Melaina (Fonda) tells her that no girl should ever act to fast when it comes to dancing. Of course when she's asked, she hops right onto the dance floor.

Throw in local yokels Big Bob (Jay Baker), Suette (Leilani Sarelle) and Nadine (Carrie Hamilton) then you have yourself a dance party fraught with a car chase on the beach, drunken antics and girls behaving badly.

While the girls are staying at Luanne's parents summer house, she has a strict rule that no one can sit on the furniture or use the phone. No one knows that they're there, but Carson ends up calling Harley in the middle of the night.

The next day, Melaina enters a beauty pageant with the hopes of beating Suette and winning over teen heartthrob Jimmy Valentine (Jeff Yagher). Of course things don't go as planned and word gets out that there's a big party over at Luanne's and things get way out of hand.

Cupid shoots his arrow in different directions that weekend and before you know it, all of their lives are going to change. Well, we don't know what will happen to the yokels.

The Flamingo Kid- 1984

This has always been one of those movies that I've seen and it really didn't make an impact on me. Whenever I do watch it, I can never remember much of the plot and it always amazes me when I see so and so is in it and then a light bulb goes off in my head.

Anyway, this too, is set in the summer of 1963 as Jeffrey Willis (Matt Dillon) spends a day with his friends playing Gin rummy at a private resort, the El Flamingo Club, and gets a job there as a parking valet and gets promoted to a cabana boy.

He comes from a working class family and begins to meet the "society" folks of Long Island. There he meets Phil Brody (Richard Crenna) whom he finds fascinating as the gin rummy champ of the club.

Brody is impressed with Jeffrey that he implies a job for him at one of his car dealerships as a salesman. Jeffrey decides that he's not going to go to college, but instead go work with Phil where he knows that he'll be a very successful salesman.

When that doesn't pan out, he plays cards in the Gin rummy tournament after he notices that Brody cheats at the game. He wins the tournament and decides that he's going to move back home and go to college.

Weekend at Bernie's- 1989

Over the years this has kind of grown on me. Why, I don't know, but it's usually my go to movie when I want to experience an awfully hot summer day in New York.

Richard Parker (Jonathan Silverman) and Larry Wilson (Andrew McCarthy) are two employees of an insurance company and discover insurance fraud has been committed.

They take their findings to the head of the corporation, Bernie Lomax (Terry Kiser) and he "rewards" them by inviting him to his beach house over the Labor Day holiday. But, they don't know that his plan is to kill them.

While waiting for the boys to show up, Bernie himself is killed and when they arrive, they discover Bernie's plan and the fact that he's dead. Now they have to make it look like he's still alive (and really, Kiser should have won an Academy Award for all of the abuse he went through and also by maintaining that smirk on his face).

The movie itself really captures the essence of the late '80's when everyone was money hungry and really into themselves. It truly was the "Me Generation" and if you can remember it, you really weren't there.

Now, I've never been (nor have I had a desire to go to New York) but the feel of the hot summer really comes across well. Whether it's on the rooftop with Larry and Richard, or when Richard is on a date with Gwen (Catherine Mary Stewart). It's just something that really makes you wish you were experiencing it in real life.

But as sad as it is, it's time to close another chapter on the summer and look forward to all things coming our way in the Fall.

Summer's coming to a close for Richard (Jonathan Silverman) Gwen (Catherine Mary Stewart) Bernie (Terry Kiser) and Richard (Andrew McCarthy) in Weekend at Bernie's
Summer's coming to a close for Richard (Jonathan Silverman) Gwen (Catherine Mary Stewart) Bernie (Terry Kiser) and Richard (Andrew McCarthy) in Weekend at Bernie's
Playing with trucks can be fun on the beach for Little Peter (R- Little Peter Costa) but Jeffrey (Matt Dillon) doesn't seem interested.
Playing with trucks can be fun on the beach for Little Peter (R- Little Peter Costa) but Jeffrey (Matt Dillon) doesn't seem interested.

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