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Video Rewind: The Name (Change) Game

Updated on November 17, 2014
Mladen Sekulovich shows off the big bat that'll knock the meteor back into space to Natasha Gurdin as Thomas Sean Connery laughs
Mladen Sekulovich shows off the big bat that'll knock the meteor back into space to Natasha Gurdin as Thomas Sean Connery laughs

For most people entering show business the first thing to go is their real birth name and new identities are born. Had these celebrities not changed their name would we have flocked to see Mladen Sekulovich and Natasha Gurdin in 1979's Meteor?

Although Meteor was a box office bomb for a late '70's disaster film, Karl Malden and Natalie Wood earned their paychecks. As with any asteroid epic, a meteor is heading toward earth, but this time it's up to American and Russian scientists to figure out a way to stop it.

In traditional disaster movie fashion, time's running out. Only this time the meteor's coming at a fast rate. Sure meteor's hit the planet throughout the movie, adding to the anticipation of the bigger rock and once again New York City is the target of choice.

When it hits our stars (including Sean Connery and Brian Keith) are trapped underground and have to fight their way through the subway system.

Add a little muddy water and the producers were hoping for a mega hit. There are some good special effects, but otherwise it's like pulling teeth watching this "mega disaster" flop.

Director John Waters had two breakout films in 1988 and 1990 respectively.

In 1988, he counted on longtime friend, Harris Glenn Milstead and hired Salvatore Philip Bono to appear in the comedy Hairspray. Of course the movie probably wouldn't have been as popular as it was if Divine and Sonny Bono weren't starring in it.

Hairspray is the story of an overweight teen (Ricki Lake) who wins a part on a local Baltimore dance show circa 1963. The story also focuses on issues of the time.

With the success of Hairspray, Waters cast Nora Louise Kuzma as the teen vixen in 1990's Cry-Baby. In fact, Traci Lords' straight laced parents are played to perfection by Patty Hearst and David Nelson. While Lords barely speaks in her role, she does play the vixen to the hilt while sighing, pouting and whatever a teen vixen is supposed to do.

Although the movie wasn't as successful at the box office, this was a spoof of teen rebel '50's melodramas with a little signing and dancing mixed in. When Wade (Johnny Depp) starts to fall for square Allison (Amy Locaine) things get a little topsy in their world. This is sort of a Grease on acid musical/love story with a few laughs.

For aspiring actors and actresses out there ask yourself if you should change your name for an acting role, would you be box office poison or a box office hit?


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