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Video Rewind: Welcome

Updated on November 6, 2014
Dinky Bossetti (Winona Ryder) gets the low down from Denton (Jeff Daniels) in Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael
Dinky Bossetti (Winona Ryder) gets the low down from Denton (Jeff Daniels) in Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael

You've probably read some of my Hubs and this is the "official welcome." Video Rewind looks back at movies from 10 years ago and beyond. You may think to yourself why a column about old movies?

If you're like me and a movie pops into your head chances are you become obsessed with it until you actually sit down and watch it and then the obsession goes away. Kind of like an addict looking for their fix.

In each column, I do a quick review of three movies which have a common theme to them and maybe they might have you thinking of revisiting them at a later date. It seems that whenever I revist them I always seem to find something new.

So to "welcome" you to the column one of my favorite (yet depressing movies) is Welcome to L.A. which takes place prior to Christmas. The film follows the lives of a group of lonely people in LA-LA Land but mainly focuses on the return of Carroll Barber (Keith Carradine) a well known songwriter who comes home for a recording session of his music by Eric Wood (Richard Baskin).

In the city of one night stands, the aloof womanizer can't commit to a relationship and while in the city he has trysts with lonely real estate agent Ann Goode (Sally Kellerman); a bored taxi riding housewife (Geraldine Chaplin); his housekeeper who prefers to vacuum topless (Sissy Spacek) and photographer Nona Bruce (Lauren Hutton) who's also involved with his father, Carl (Denver Pyle).

There's also a parallel story focusing on the elder Barber. His hope is that Carroll will one day take over the family business, but he sets his eye on Ken Hood (Harvey Keitel) to take over knowing that Carroll has no interest in it.

Ken has fallen out of love with his wife (Chaplin) and he meets up with Kellerman for a quick fling only adding to the affairs, while her husband (John Considine) tries hard to woo Spacek.

While the adults are trying to figure things out in L.A., Heather Matarazzo has teen angst issues in Welcome to the Dollhouse as seventh grader Dawn Wiener struggles for acceptance by her family and the "older guy" she falls for (Eric Mabius).

But when your brother is a nerd (Matthew Faber) and your younger sister (Daria Kalinina) is a cutesy ballerina (and favorite child) then you really have problems especially since you're the middle child.

Even though Dawn's life is in chaos, she becomes obsessed when Steve (Mabius) joins her brother's band. He's been around the block a few times and barely notices poor Dawn. She's looking for attention and acceptance from anyone even it's from her nemesis Brandon (Brendan Sexton III) tells her he's going to rape her after school.

She goes to the appointed spot and nothing happens but I've always thought she had a minor crush on him and vice versa.

Things get even worse when she goes home to discover Missy (Kalinina) has been kidnapped and she's shoved way off to the side while everyone is busy looking for her. Will Dawn ever find happiness in this semi teen soaper?

While Dawn's having problems of her own, teen angst can also be found in the very underrated Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael starring Winona Ryder as town outcast Dinky Bossetti.

This is one superb movie which was panned when it came out. The performances are great and with a soundtrack by Melissa Ethridge you can't get any better than this fun little film.

Dinky is adopted and is somewhat close to her dad (Graham Beckel) and very distant from her mother (Frances Fisher) who cares more about what people think.

The town of Clyde, OH is busy preparing the homecoming of their favorite daughter, Roxy Carmichael, while Dinky thinks Roxy is her real mother and makes preparations to leave with her.

As the town outcast, Dinky is used to the abuse from the kids at school and finds a special friendship in writer turned school counselor Elizabeth Zaks (Laila Robins). Comfortable with Miss Zaks, she's able to confide in her, whereas she cannot communicate with her step parents.

During the course of the week, she gets more information on Roxy from Roxy's former "husband" Denton Webb (Jeff Daniels). Dinky now has the confidence (and information) to know she's Denton and Roxy's love child and can't wait to leave Clyde after the Roxy Ball.

Gradually Dinky begins to change as she discovers the popular boy in school Gerald (Thomas Wilson Brown) really likes her and she's trying to hide her feelings for him since her plans of leaving will go awry if she starts to fall in love with him.

It's not only the main characters who do a fantastic job but the supporting actors are also a lot of fun to get to know. Even the extras add a little whimsy to the story.

These are my picks to help welcome you to the column and to get an idea of what it's all about.

Heather Matarazzo has built up teen angst in Welcome to the Dollhouse
Heather Matarazzo has built up teen angst in Welcome to the Dollhouse


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