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Video Production Tips

Updated on March 15, 2013

Lighting tips for Video Production

Video Lighting Demonstration

Comparing Video Cameras

Video Editing Techniques: Keyframe Animation

Video Production Help Online

With the boom in online video, millions of people around the globe want to learn how to make video. If you're one of these people, I would like to assist you! I have developed a free website with tons of valuable information on all phases of video making.

Even more than what you've found on this Hub Page, my site is a blog called Video Production Tips. You can find it by googling just about any phrase having to do with making video. Or, you can just click that link!

Video Production Tips is a site dedicated to helping you get your video projects off the ground. Whether your interest in video is simple, like taking better home movies or extravagant, like making a documentary to enter into the Sundance Film Festival, you can find the information you need at Video Production Tips.

I have added my blog's RSS feed to this hubpage, so you can find every post I have ever made through this RSS feed.

My posts cover lighting, editing, video cameras, script writing, storytelling, online video hosting and more.

If you want to learn how to make video, then I promise my site will help you a lot! and it is all free!

Who am I? My name is Lorraine Grula and I have worked in television and video production for many years now.

Lorraine has produced and videotaped at least twenty zillion TV segments. (Well, OK, that's a slight exaggeration.) A well-respected professional for over twenty-five years, Lorraine's done it all: Producer, Writer, Field Director, Photographer, Tape Editor, Technical Director, Reporter, Sound Operator, Lighting Manager, and Teacher.

She's also worked in every conceivable style:

Field Production, Studio Work, Documentaries, News Series, Business-to-Business Communication, Medical Education, Health Reporting, Talk Shows, Commercials, Infomercials, Training Demonstrations, Community Access, Independent Films,Weddings. You name it, she's done it.

Lorraine took her expertise into the classroom and spent two years teaching TV Production, building a small-town program into a nationally recognized one. Her students won over forty-five awards, including the National Association for Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) Student Award of Excellence, the equivalent to a high school Emmy. Here's a picture of the banquet.

Now you can benefit from the lifetime career of this television professional with a proven record of effective teaching. Learn Video Production the Easy Way! Lorraine has opened this site with the mission of teacher those who care to know the art and science of video production.


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