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Viewing Friends with Kids

Updated on September 8, 2012

Have you ever wanted to see what it felt like having kids but not have to deal wth marriage and all that comes with it? Well, if you have ever wondered how it is, then watching Friends with Kids may help. There is a group of friends, two of them are married couple and there are two single people, Jason and Julie. After seeing the effect the kids have with their friends who happened to be married, they want to see how it feels but without being married and all that comes with it.

Jason and Julie decide to finally make a baby, she is nervous at first but Jason calms her down and they get down to business. A few months later their little boy is born and they seem to have everything under control. Part of their deal is they are still able to date other people even though they have a little boy. They don't seem to have a problem with this because they are not emotionally involved, they just like each other as friends.

In a new year reunion they all meet with each other, Jason with his girlfriend and Julie with her boyfriend. It is during that time that Jason says that he loves Julie and he manages to say all that she likes and that he would be there for her when she needed him too. This changes things a bit in her way of thinking about Jason. They go through a rough spot because her feelings have changed a bit and she decides to make a move so she can get over Jason.

Jason realizes something that he didn't see before. Can he realize his true feelings for Julie before it is too late? Is Julie able to continue on with life or is true love within her sight and she didn't realize it? This movie is worth watching, at least from my point of view. This movie is also funny and has its touching moments.


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