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Viewing Safe House

Updated on June 21, 2012

Who would of thought that this movie wasn't one to make it. I thought that it was really worth watching. This movie kept my attention all the way up until the end. Reynolds and Washington really made the movie worth watching, they both acted very well and the characters that they portrayed were good.

Tobin Frost (Denzel Washington) used to be a CIA agent who became a traitor after so many years in the CIA. So now the CIA is looking for him because he has something important that they want. But there is also another group trying to find him, so he turns himself in. They take him over to a safe house where Matt Weston (Reynolds) is watching over the surveillance cameras and what happens within the safe house. They take Frost in and they start to interrogate him about what he knows of the CIA and why he decided to leave. But in the midst of the interrogation, the other group of people interested in Frost decide to come in. So it is at this point that Weston has to make sure Frost is safely delivered to the CIA. Weston learns from Frost that the CIA isn't what they say they are. Weston decides to tell his girlfriend what he really does because he wants to protect her and so he sends her away from danger. Weston has still yet to trust Frost because of what the CIA has told him. But they go through alot together that Frost gives Weston what the CIA is actually looking for.

This is a good movie packed with lots of action. It is amazing what this movie brings up about the government and how well they hide things. This is one movie that I would recommend because of how it kept my attention and its action.


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