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Vikings: "Brother's War"

Updated on March 1, 2014
Rollo and a rival warring tribe began an assault on Ragnar and his former friends.
Rollo and a rival warring tribe began an assault on Ragnar and his former friends.

Rollo's Return

Almost instantly, the Vikings second season began with a bang!

Ragnar Lodbrok, or Lothbrok if you are a history buff, is seen having a vision of his brother, Rollo, who has betrayed him in an attempt to make a name for himself. Rollo is seen dripping in blood as what I took as a reference to the amount of blood he would cause as a result all of the death that would come from his actions. Either way, it was a gripping and gruesome scene.

As Ragnar refreshes himself by washing his face, he looks up to see Rollo has returned, with what looks like many men, bent on battle. Flokie, approaches Ragnar from the back, referring to Rollo as "the treacherous one", and then reminds Ragnar who was right, referring to himself, twice.

"I was right Ragnar. I was right." And, how right he was.

Rollo relishes battle, clearly!
Rollo relishes battle, clearly!

When the actual battle begins, Rollo's viciousness and savagness comes out in the form of his brute force.Getting behind enemy lines from throwing his body over the defense line into the back portion of the heart of the defense, if you will, shows his willingness to sacrifice his body for blood.

One could see the lack of fear in Rollo's eyes. At that point, you could see a growing smile on his face, the more he battles.

Taking down his former friends. First Flokie, which made anybody who has followed this show cringe, went down by the hand of Rollo. Flokie, is one of the characters viewers don't want to see in Valhalla, at least not yet. One of those characters that can't be killed off, sort of like Darrell on the other best show on television, The Walking Dead.

Next, Rollo took out another former tribesman, in a truly vicious way. This time spearing him through the midsection, while lifting his body high into the sky. The visual of that act, with the sun shining down was pretty gripping. Even more so to Ragnar, who when seeing this, instantly makes a path for Rollo in order to confront him.

As the battle ensues, Ragnar calls to Rollo. "Is this what you truly want brother?" You can see the despair in Ragnar's eyes at the prospect of actually having to fight his own flesh to the death. Ragnar continues to show his bond with his flesh; Rollo, his son, his daughter even in her death, and with what were surprised with later.

When Rollo sees his brother, he too realizes he cannot fight or kill his brother either. He simply falls to the ground in the despair and surrender. He starts to comprehend the distruction and death he has caused and now accepts his death sentence.

A Pact is Formed and Justice is Served...or is it?

Ragnar convinces all involved that they were thinking in small minded ways, In true Viking fashion, he reminds them how lucrative plundering and raiding could be for all. Instead of fighting over local lands, he instead shows them they should instead have their eyes on foreign lands, which would bring them the raw materials, gold, silver, and slaves they would need to make their civilization survive and thrive.

Rollo is returned to their home for trial and what is believed to be certain death. Flokie is also returned, at first appearing to be dead, but then learning he was hanging on by a thin thread.

Siggy, Earl Harardlson's former wife, who wishes to love Rollo, tries to comfort him. However, he pushes her away.

Once freed, Rollo tries to escape his shame, when Siggy again confronts him. Then, our attentions are turned back to Ragnar, Lagertha, and their current situation. One, that doesn't appear like it will turn out well.

Farewell and the Rift before another...

As Rollo escapes death, Ragnar turns his attention to saying farewell to his young daughter. He imagines her growing into adulthood, and asks her to visit him again before his time with the gods. This was a riveting moment of the episode, where Ragnar, dispite his brutality, connects deeply with any father from any time period and his pain that would endure from losing her.

However, just as he says goodbye to one child, it appears another enters his life. Lagertha was downright crazy pissed when she learned about his endeavors across the sea. She made Ragnar promise never to see the princess he had an affair with again and he agreed. Then, while drunk at dinner, after she arrives with a very devious smile on her face and very pregnant tummy, Ragnar proposes they both engage in Polygamy and live together as both of his wives.

That broke Legartha's spirits, as she saw this as both an insult and desecration of what she sees as a loyal relationship with only her partner. This then puts their son, now their only child alive at the moment, in a serious situation. He must now choose between the parents. Will go with Lagertha, or will he as Ragnar's eldest and only son, stay with his father.

The Decision

After a good talking to by one of the adults, Ragnar's son decides that he must stay with Ragnar, as he is the air to the thrown, if you will. He tells his mother this, in great despair, and she responds accordingly.

As she takes off without saying goodbye, Ragnar notices her departure and chases after her, somehow shocked that she would leave. When he catches her, she expresses her embarrassment and insult. As she pours her heart out to the man she truly loves, but must leave, their son arrives on the scene.

At that moment, he announces, he has changed his mind. Then, the gravity of it all hits Ragnar, as he begins to tear. He hugs his son and says goodbye as they ride off.

He returns home to the princess and their unborn child.

Now, it is your turn to vote for the most riveting moment of the season 2 debut.

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