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Vimala Raman Hot Pics - Bikini and other Photos of Vimalaraman

Updated on February 17, 2011

Vimala Raman - Hot and Sexy Pics including swimsuit

Finally it seems like Vimalaraman has realized that glamour is your path to success in south indian cinema if your acting skills are mediocre. After a lacklustre period of insignificant movies in both malayalam and Tamil, she is back with a bang in Telugu. The initial news of Vimalaraman donning the bikini for her new movie "Lover boy" was more than enough to increase her search volumes many times. And now more stills from the movie are out, showing steamy scenes with Tarun. The fans are keeping their fingers crossed for the release of the movie.

And as usual, when asked about being glamorous, the reply was that the script demanded it. How many times have we heard the same words from many of the highest paid actresses in the industry. Vimala is an extremely beautiful actress and a bit of glamour cant do anything bad. We fans will sure enjoy it. So cheers to vimalaraman for her future.


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    • profile image

      sanjay 3 years ago

      Vimala raman nine enike viva ham kazhikanam. Enitte arthritis Nintendo sari yum blouse um pinne bray um u ran am. Enitte en the mutta ninte kundiyi l kayatum. Enitte nine 10 masam garbhini aakkum

    • profile image

      vignesh 3 years ago

      ur so sexy&hot, i want to marry u.

    • profile image

      suyash 4 years ago

      u r just d perfect girl to hve sex plzz give me a chance

    • profile image

      DKBhavsar 4 years ago

      I like & love me

    • profile image

      kannan 4 years ago

      mulas of nazriya and namitha..pressing each other...katta malsaram...

    • profile image

      njaan 4 years ago

      want to see a sexfight between Nazriya nazeem and Namitha Pramod

    • Hashim Ahmed K profile image

      Hashim Ahmed K 5 years ago

      ninne kaanam enthu bhangiyaa .vimala raman ennu kelkkumbol thanne ente saadhanam oru 8 inch neelamulla orirumbu dhandakum.ninne kittiyaal ninte saari azhichu.blousum brayum azhichu vivastrayaakum.ennittu ninte mula paal chappi kudikkum.

    • profile image

      5 years ago

      Na sula legispothundhe nin chusthunte ninnu iraga dhengalee ne gudhalu ne pappalu super

    • profile image

      Sincara 6 years ago

      Hi vimala i love u

    • profile image

      Ravi 6 years ago

      Vimala u r so sexy for me

    • profile image

      jaff 6 years ago

      ninne oru divasam kittiyal ninne njan swargam kanichu taram ninte pooril tenittu nakkum ninte mula valichu kudikkum pinne nin te kundiyilum adichu taram yethrayanu ninte charge

    • profile image

      suresh 6 years ago


    • profile image

      kingg.. 6 years ago


      Entha andhanga unnave nuvvu...

      Nee peddddha sandlu,nee peddha gudddha super...

      etthi etthi dengalanipisthundhi ninnu choosthunte...

    • profile image

      CAPS@GMAIL.COM 6 years ago


      my lucky no. is 7 and u r looking sooo sexy in 7th pic among all...what a ur biggest fan...

    • profile image

      rohit 6 years ago

      vimala please give ur boobs

      i give my life

    • profile image

      santosh 6 years ago

      i want to f**k u

    • profile image

      shan 6 years ago

      hai vimala you are looking soo sexy,

    • profile image

      Big B 6 years ago

      Best of luck

    • profile image

      bossengirabhaskar 7 years ago

      i want to marry you vimala

    • profile image

      satish  7 years ago

      vimala raman u r so hot..........

    • profile image

      yogesh 7 years ago

      you are awesome

    • profile image

      veera 7 years ago

      u r very sexy in earth

    • profile image

      follower 7 years ago

      ur a sooooooooo sexy in wet dress ,,,,i want to kiss every part in just once darling

    • profile image

      Jaleel Mavval Abbas 7 years ago

      this photos very good . you very sexy look .i lique you

    • profile image

      thomas 7 years ago

      only one time plse vimala just ...

    • profile image

      monish 7 years ago

      i lv u a lot vimu.....

    • profile image

      nafees 7 years ago

      u r really hot

    • profile image

      hussain 7 years ago

      haaai wish u all the best

    • profile image

      lover 7 years ago

      i would like to kiss n hug u dear

    • profile image

      rrrr 7 years ago

      u r really hot

    • profile image

      rj 7 years ago

      vimala i want to enjoy u

    • profile image

      sweet 8 years ago

      vimala i like uuuuuuuuu sooooooo much!!!!!!!!! i like 2 hug uuuuuuuu & taste u...........