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Vinyl Of The Week

Updated on August 14, 2016

Chris De Burgh: The Getaway

This album was surely the favorite from my childhood, I admit I first heard this on cassette tape in my mothers car every single time we went anywhere...but the older I became, the more I wanted to hear this on vinyl; and it was simply amazing. This album is very well composed, and the lyrics are magical. They are war driven, rebelling and very powerful. You start by hearing the song " Don't Pay The Ferryman" the vocals are very strong from De Burgh, and the lyrics are very haunting. As you progress through the songs, you are given strong emotional connections to De Burgh and how high hopes he has for the future generations. Side one impresses.

Everything about side two is about revolutions and the fallouts of the war, you hear the pop song "Ship To Shore", moving solemly into the song "Borderline", I find myself very much into this one, for the hurt inside he feels upon singing rings clearly in every note.

De Burgh really knows how to put to use of the backing choir vocals, specifically in the next song on side two "Where Peaceful Waters Flow". I love this song so much, and I am having a hard time wondering why this album never became very popular. If you want your blood to get pumped; keep listening to the album to hear "Revolution" and the follow up, "Light a Fire". These feature wicked guitars, soaring vocals, and haunting female vocals in the beginning of "Revolution".

I give this album a sold 9.5/10--and I hope all of you readers get the chance to listen to the vinyl and or cassette or CD. It really is worth the money to hunt down and add to your music collections.

Chris De Burgh "The Getaway" Full Album

© 2016 Birdy Lindstrand


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