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Th Best of Viral Ad Marketing and How It Can Help Your Business

Updated on May 18, 2011

What Makes a Video Go Viral

Here's a nicely animated video from Epipheo studios that tells us how to make videos go viral by educating and entertaining your target audience.

Some of the Best Internet Related Viral Ads

Here are some of my all time favorite video ads that have spread like wild fire because of their unique blend of comedy and extreme originality. 

eBay India's Funny Ad

This is a really funny ad that really shows the "benefits" of using eBay, and also hints strongly at the "pain" (ouch! when the girl hits the boyfriend on head for not using eBay) of not using it. 

Learn the Secret of How to Attract Beautiful Women

Here's a great viral ad that illustrates perfectly the strategy of using sexiness, unbelievable situations, and a surprising twist at the ending to make your ad go viral.

The best thing is the Name Brand Product is part of the much awaited punchline at the end. Talk about impact selling. 

Sexy, Funny Ad with a Surprising Twist

An Ad with Only Moving Objects

Here's another advertising stroke of genius that works in the parts of the product you're trying to sell in this case a Car. The fabulous creativity in each part of the ad reveal makes you want to see what's going to happen at the end.

Watch it and try very hard to not buy a Honda :> 

A Puzzle type Ad that Keeps You Hooked and Guessing Until the End

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