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Voice (2017) Korean Drama: A Review

Updated on March 29, 2020
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A creative writer full of love, passion, and value for humanity.

Are you a Kdrama fanatic?

You might want to consider watching this thriller, suspense Korean drama series of 2017.

Its hard to start a new beginning when the one you love isn’t there anymore to start with. Rather than starting a new beginning, wouldn’t it be appropriate to continue living and move forward, forgetting the past, and correcting the mistakes that have already been done?

Losing the one that you love the most brings lifetime heartaches. It cannot be healed. The person who lost her loved ones will have the tendency to reminisce the memories she had with the ones she loved. It is a painful process that keeps on repeating over again everytime one’s thoughts are brought back to the time she lost the ones she so loved.

My thoughts on the Korean drama series, Voice:

It was hard watching the whole series because every episode of it entails heinous crimes committed out of a criminal’s personal motive.

At first, I was driven to watch the movie because of my super junior crush YeSung who happens to be part of the cast.

At some point, I was curious on watching someone gifted with a special ability, in this case, it was the ability to clearly hear voices by one of the main character in the series, Kang Gwon Joo.

As I progress on watching the episodes, I slowly, unknowingly wanted to watch more and fell in love with the other main character, Detective Moo Jin Hyuk. He has this strong and brave personality that girls like me would easily fall in love with.

The rest of the supporting cast doesn’t stir my interest honestly. One because they were unfamiliar actors and actresses for me, and two because, they have despicable characters being portrayed in this drama series.

It was hard to eat peacefully while watching this drama. Unlike the movies where you could enjoy watching the episodes while eating popcorns or any other junk foods of your choice, this one is different. Occasionally, you’ll see a character shed blood, smashed in the head brutally, and body parts being found anywhere that will consequently become part of the crime scene.

I could say that this Kdrama is in the thriller and suspense genre. Every episode ends in a suspense type scene that will make you want to watch further the next episode. I was even able to completely watch the whole 16-episode series in just four days out of my outgrowing curiosity. Only in the end did I realize that I was completely dominated by this drama. Even my two-day work vacation was used up watching its entirety.

All along I was hoping that as the story progresses, a love story between Mo Jin Hyuk and Kang Gwon Joo will develop. In the end, my desire probably wasn’t what the directors and writers for this drama wanted from the very start.

My realizations from watching this drama:

  • Not all people share the same fate from when they were born, the life that they will have on Earth, and the ending that will conclude their life.
  • Some are fortunate to be born with a silver spoon, to live a life taking all things for granted.
  • While some are unlucky to have been born at the mercy of others, becoming a slave and becoming a living sacrifice.
  • Being born is a chance, living it righteously is a choice.
  • You only got to live once, but if you live it righteously, it’s as if you would have lived a thousand years; your legacy will remain, and forever be remembered by the people in passing here on Earth.
  • Do not get swayed by people constantly trying to bring you down. You have your own life. Live it well rather than allowing others to take over your life, and blaming them in the end for your regrets.

What Korean dramas have you watched and what realizations have you learned from it? Share it with me by writing on the comment portion below.


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