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Voice Artist Spotlight - John DiMaggio

Updated on May 6, 2013
The legend himself...
The legend himself...

New Jersey native John DiMaggio (born in 1968) has been in the voice acting business since 1994. He is a legend in the voice acting industry, and has many characters and jobs in his extensive resume. On the website "Behind the Voice Actors," Dimaggio has been credited for 345 roles, both major and minor or guest appearances. He is known mostly for animated television show roles, but he also some iconic video game roles as well. Here is a run-down of some of his best (and personal favorite) roles.

Bender ("Futurama")
Bender ("Futurama")
Schnitzel ("Chowder")
Schnitzel ("Chowder")

Television Roles

  • Bender (Futurama: 1999-Present)
  • Jake the Dog (Adventure Time: 2010-Present)
  • Dr. Drakken (Kim Possible: 2002-2007)
  • Rico (Madagascar: 2008-Present)
  • Brother Blood (Teen Titans: 2004)
  • Schnitzel (Chowder: 2007-2010)
  • Chestnut (Chowder: 2007-2010)
  • Arthur Curry/Aquaman (Batman: The Brave and the Bold: 2008-2011)
  • General Grievous (Star Wars: The Clone Wars: 2003)
  • Steve Wilkos (The Boondocks: 2005)*

*Steve Wilkos is a former police officer and talk show host in the United States. He was a bodyguard for Jerry Springer, who is known for having ridiculous relationship drama. Wilkos was the head of secruity for Springer, and even hosted the show on his own a few times. He was given his own talk show in 2007, where he confronts people facing major family problems. He would have to control his anger during the show, and is known for either kicking guests off the stage, not letting them sit, or throwing a chair as a means to either control his rage or stop guests from sitting.

Rico ("Madagascar")
Rico ("Madagascar")
Beard Papa ("Wreck-it Ralph")
Beard Papa ("Wreck-it Ralph")

Movie Roles

  • Bender (Every Futurama movie)
  • Rico (Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa: 2008)
  • Beard Papa (Wreck-It Ralph: 2012)
  • Gonza (Princess Mononoke: 1999)
  • Dr. Drakken (Every Kim Possible movie)
  • Joker (Batman: Under the Red Hood: 2010)
  • Leadfoot (Transformers: Dark of the Moon: 2011)
  • Kaiser (The Animatrix: 2003)
  • Winslow Schott/Toyman (Superman: Doomsday: 2007)

Marcus Fenix ("Gears of War")
Marcus Fenix ("Gears of War")
Tiny Tiger ("Crash Nitro Kart")
Tiny Tiger ("Crash Nitro Kart")

Video Game Roles

  • Marcus Fenix (Gears of War: 2006-2013)
  • Tiny Tiger (Crash Nitro Kart: 2003)
  • Jacoby (Kingdom Hearts II: 2005)
  • Uka-Uka (Crash of the Titans: 2007 & Crash: Mind Over Mutant: 2008)
  • Craig Marduk (Tekken 6: 2009)
  • Wolverine (Deadpool: 2013)*
  • Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy XIII-2: 2012)
  • Bender (Futurama: 2003 & The Simpsons Game: 2007)
  • Dr. Drakken (Kim Possible: Revenge of the Monkey Fist: 2002 & Kim Possible: What's the Switch?: 2006)
  • Kimahri Ronso (Final Fantasy X-2: 2003)
  • Wakka (Final Fantasy X-2: 2003)

*Deadpool is set to be released in 2013 by Activision the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

John DiMaggio will forever be a legend and role model for aspiring voice actors everywhere. His talent is obvious in the various roles he plays, ranging in tone, pitch, and personality with each different character. Usually with voice actors, you can recognize the actor by their voice, but not DiMaggio. He makes sure to make every character sound unique. If I could name someone who I'd want to be when I get older and work in the video game industry, I would say John DiMaggio.


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