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Voice Lessons Online Expand Vocal Range

Updated on January 13, 2014

Improve Vocal Range with Voice Lessons Online

Increasing vocal range is one of the most misunderstood skills for vocalists. It is commonly thought that vocal range (The span between the lowest note you can sing and the highest note you can sing) is individual and fixed. Only one of these thoughts, however, is true. While vocal range is unique to each individual, a vocalist may be able to expand his or her vocal range with targeted vocal exercises.

Increasing vocal range can revolutionize a vocalists career in many ways. Expanded vocal range allow vocalists to take on and execute a variety of music styles, as well as perform a greater repetoire of songs within their current music style.

Voice Lessons Online Teaches The "Tongue-Trill" to Expand Vocal Range

There are several targeted vocal exercises utilized to expand and increase vocal range. Many are taught through voice lessons online. One of the most simple vocal exercises is easily practiced at home and is most commonly known as the "tongue-trill." The tongue trill involves combining vocal scales with "trilling" the tongue to produce a cat-like "purr" sound. To execute the tongue trill take a deep breath and simply place your tongue loosely behind the top row of your teeth. Exhale a steady stream of air allowing the tongue to vibrate against the roof of your mouth and back of your top row of teeth producing a "purr" sound. After mastering this skill you can combine it with vocal scales, "trilling" all of the scales you may normally sing or hum. Utilize the tongue trill for all of your vocal scales as your begin your vocal warm-up routine.

Voice Lessons Online- Why the "Tongue-Trill" is So Successful

The tongue trill utilizes various muscles in your vocal tract and mouth that may not be activated during normal execution of vocal scales. Combining the tongue trill with vocal scales then allows the maximum activation of muscles, strengthening them as you practice. As you strengthen these muscles not only should you find more ease in vocalizing along your current range but you should find yourself slowly expanding your range as new muscles are used and strengthened.

Voice Lessons Online- Additional Vocal Exercises Expand Range and Improve Singing Voice

The tongue trill is not the only exercise that can be used for expanding vocal range but it is one of the most used as it can be rehearsed in a variety of settings. The tongue trill can be easily practiced during vocal warm-ups (which it should always be done in), but it can also be practiced while performing other household tasks or errands. You can practice the tongue trill while riding in the car, taking a shower, or picking up the house. It's versatility makes the tongue trill commonly used to expand vocal range, though every vocalist should keep in mind the unique nature of every voice. Some vocalists may experience faster rates of acquisition than others.

There are many vocal exercises that can be used to expand vocal range. You can find more information on these exercises and how voice lessons online can help you expand your range and how professional vocalists are using these same exercises to improve their voices throughVoice Lessons Online Here.

Voice Lessons Online- The Tongue Trill Demonstrated


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    • thesingernurse profile image

      thesingernurse 5 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

      This is very useful for vocalists... Thank you for sharing! :D