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Voice Lessons Online- Important Singing Posture Techniques

Updated on January 13, 2014

Voice Lessons Online Teach Proper Singing Posture

It is a common misconception that a vocalist’s main priority is their voice. However, just like professional athletes have physical therapists and sports trainers to help them take care of their body, vocalists must also take care of their body as a whole. One of the most common issues that new singers experience is adjusting their posture.

Posture plays a huge role in singing as it can determine factors like airflow, projection, and vocal strength. Poor posture can greatly inhibit proper airflow as it can prevent you from breathing properly and taking shallow breathes instead of deep full breathes. Poor posture can also then affect vocal strength, for if you are not taking full deep breathes, your singing voice will be weaker and unable to develop as fully.

Voice Lessons Online- How Poor Posture Affects Vocal Projection

Poor posture or back misalignment can also affect projection in several ways. As poor posture can inhibit proper breathing, it can affect projection by reducing the power of your voice. Poor posture can also affect your projection due to the angle in which you are oriented. When you have poor posture in that you are slouched or “hunched over” your mouth is oriented at a more downward angle than when you are standing in correct alignment. This downward angle projects your voice more toward to floor rather than outward toward a wall or an audience, something taught early on with voice lessons online.

Voice Lessons Online- How to Correct Poor Posture

Proper posture can be easily attained through training of the back muscles. Many people seek out voice lessons online that teach exercises that promote proper posture. One such exercise is the shoulder blade pinch. Sitting upright in a chair, drop your shoulders if you feel them raised, until you find yourself in a relaxed position. Straighten your back (do not arch) and move your shoulders up and down feeing the position of the shoulder blades. Then move both shoulder blades downward and toward the spine as though you were trying to pinch them together. Hold the position for five to ten seconds and then relax. Repeat this exercise ten times once or twice a day. Practicing good posture before vocal warm-ups is an excellent way to help ensure you are using proper posture while you vocalize.

Voice Lessons Online- Make A Monumental Impact On Your Singing Voice with Proper Posture!

Practicing proper posture can have a huge impact on your singing voice. You can make huge improvements on your voice by changing that one aspect of your body alignment. As you sing in the future, be aware of your body's alignment and how it affects your posture. It will allow you to sing with greater projection and clarity in the future!

You can find more tips about how to attain proper posture as well as learn singing techniques that are used by today’s most notable celebrity vocalists to expand their vocal ranges and improve their voice quality through voice lessons online.

Voice Lessons Online Teach How to Improve Singing!


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    • JoshuaThePost profile image

      JoshuaThePost 6 years ago from Palace of the Brine

      well put, simple and concise. I wish more people knew this, therefore I will be linking to this for more peeps to read.

      I know many folks who can barely sing over an acoustic guitar for these very reasons, they may not listen to me, but they will certainly get this article!