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Voice Lessons Online- Protect Your Voice with Simple Singing Tips

Updated on January 13, 2014

Voice Lessons Online Help Protect Voice

There are many things in this world that put vocalists at risk of damaging their voices. Just like athletes must use their bodies for more than just their profession, vocalists must use their voice for more than just their singing. As a vocalist, you must also use your voices to communicate on a daily basis. You use your voices to make requests, hold conversations, sing recreationally, cheer, shout, scream, and all these uses put your voice at great risk for harm.

Misuse of your voice can lead to vocal damage that can heal itself within a period of days or weeks while greater damage can be done that may require surgical correction or may be irreversable completely. As a vocalist, your voice is your greatest asset, therefore you want to protect it as any other musician would protect their instrument. This requires more conscious monitoring and awareness perhaps than other musicians but it is vital to maintaining your vocal skill.

Voice Lessons Online- Avoid Shouting to Maintain a Healthy Singing Voice

There are severa singing tips learned through voice lessons online that can help your protect your voice from such damage and ensure that your voice, your investment, is being treated with the most care.

1. Avoid shouting and screaming. Shouting, screaming, or cheering without the aid of amplification can be incredibly damaging to your voice and cause loss of the voice all-together while it heals. Excessive shouting and screaming can also lead to the developmnent of vocal nodules or polyps or greatly irritate such conditions if they are pre-existing. These vocal nodules and polyps may need to be surgically removed which can potentially cause greater damage to your vocal chords as many people have experienced scarring of the vocal chords after such surgeries.

Voice Lessons Online- Importance of Speaking at Optimal Pitch

2. Speaking at an incorrect optimal pitch. Many vocal instructors have found this to be an issue in the past few years as many of their students find themselves singing along to popular songs on the radio. While this is not a problem, often the students are "singing along" at pitches that would not compliment their typical range. This is reinforced when the student speaks at the same pitch in every day speak. This pitch does not compliment their singing range and can cause difficulty when the student then attempts to vocalize at a high register. Bridging the gaps between the registers can become difficult and cause strain on the voice as the vocalists continues to attempt to bridge the gap. Simply raising this optimal pitch can help a vocalist correct this gap and reach higher registers more suited for their voice.

Voice Lessons Online- How Smoking Affects Your Singing Voice

3.Smoking. Smoking is incredibly damaging to the vocal chord and tract as the hot smoke and tobacco irritates the lining of the larynx, vocal chords, and down into the lungs. This irritation can cause inflammation of the lungs and vocal tract making it not only difficult to vocalize, but difficult to breath in general. Serious vocalists should consider ending any smoking habits if they want their voices to be in peak physical health.

Voice Lessons Online- Caring for Your Voice When Sick

4. Singing when sick. All vocalists should know their limits. Vocalists can most easily damage their voices when they "over-do" it whille fighting an illness. While many illnesses may be as minor as the common cold, even the most simple of illnesses can have dramatically negative effects on the voice if used improperly during healing. The excess mucous production that occurs during many common illnesses includes mucous production around the vocal chords. This slows down the rate at which the vocal chords can open and close which determines exactly how the voice will sound. By attempting to force a rapid rate of open and closing by the vocal chords during an illness, you could, and most likely will, strain many of the vocal muscles and could lose your voice alltogether. One of the first things you will learn with voice lessons online is to take it easy on your vocal chords while you are sick as it is essential to maintaining good vocal health and protecting your vocal chords from any damage or further damage.

Voice Lessons Online- Why You Should NEVER Clear Your Throat!

5."Clearing Your Throat." Clearing your throat is incredibly dangerous for your vocal chords and could be disasterously so. When you clear your throat you are essentially throwing your vocal chords into each other at an alarmingly fast rate. It is equivalent to ramming your head into a wall as hard as you can over and over again. It may seem like an extreme example, but it is exactly what your vocal chords are experiencing. They are being rammed into each other as quickly as possible which can cause severe damage over the long term.

Learn Additional Tips for Improving Your Singing Voice with Voice Lessons Online!

Basic singing tips provided by voice lessons online can help you to protect your voice from potentially career ending ailments that result from constant vocal misuse. As a vocalist, your voice should be your greatest asset and protecting it requires a constant vigilance that many other professionals do not experience. Your voice is something you use every day, for a variety of purposes outside of singing for your profession. However, in order for your voice to perform at its peak capacity when you are singing, you must care for it at all times, not just when you are singing.

You can find more singing tips and learn how to better take care of your voice through voice lessons online.

Learn to Sing Better with Voice Lessons Online!


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    • Bronterae profile image

      Bronterae 5 years ago from Nor Cal

      Good advice. Thanks.

    • thesingernurse profile image

      thesingernurse 6 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

      Thank you for sharing these advice. You are right, every singer should take care of his voice. As musicians, our vocal cords and our entire body are our musical instruments. :D

    • Sturgeonl profile image

      Sturgeonl 6 years ago

      Interesting tips. I am just a wanna be singer but I appreciate the advice. I never realized clearing your throat was not good to do.