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Voice Lessons Online Teach Lifestyles for Successful Singers

Updated on January 13, 2014

Voice Lessons Online Teach How to Live for Singing Success!

Typically when you think about taking care of your voice, things like vocal warm-ups, scales, hot tea and honey, or singing practice come to mind. Often times we forget about the way our lifestyles can affect our voices. Just like an athlete, vocalists must take into consideration how they treat their bodies as a whole as many lifestyle habits common today can have negative effects on your voice.

Fortunately there are simple and easy lifestyle changes you can make to drastically improve your singing voice help you become a better vocalist.

Voice Lessons Online Teach How Diet and Exercise Affect Your Singing Voice

Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise may be most commonly referenced when discussing high performance athletes or weight challenged individuals. But diet and exercise are just as important for vocalists as they are to athletes. What you eat and drink can greatly either positively or negatively affect the voice. Avoiding sodas and or any caffeinated beverage will help eliminate excess mucous on the vocal chords. You should instead be sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Water will help lubricate your vocal chords and thin out any mucous that is present.

Exercise should also be considered by vocalists as it is very important to maintain a healthy body weight. Excess body weight can contribute to building fat around the lungs and preventing ease of expansion and therefore ease of breathing. You can learn more information on the importance of diet and exercise on the voice as well as other techniques for improving your singing with voice lessons online

Voice Lessons Online- How Sleep Affects Your Singing Voice!


Sleep is incredibly important for singers as well. Not only does it allow you to be more energized and awake for performances, your body performs many of its regenerative processes while you are asleep. Sleeping allows your body to “fix” and “heal” itself in many regards and is an aspect of a vocalist's lifestyle that is often overlooked, even in voice lessons online. Especially if you have been using your voice quite often or have used it too often, sleep is necessary to rest the body and the voice.

It is also important to “rest” the voice. Athletes have to rest between events or rest between workouts because otherwise their muscles get overworked. The muscles that move your vocal chords can easily get overworked therefore it is important to rest your voice and set aside times of silence where you neither sing nor speak.

Voice Lessons Online- Improve Your Voice By Eliminating Hazardous Habits!

Smoking & Drinking

Both smoking and consuming alcohol have negative effects on your voice. Smoking not only inhibits breathing as it irritates the lungs, but also irritates the vocal chords. Not to mention that long term smoking can cause even greater medical complications including throat or lung cancer, or emphysema.

Your lifestyle habits can have a great effect on your singing and the quality of your voice. You can learn about more singing tips and how you can develop lifestyle habits that will improve and enhance your voice through voice lessons online.


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