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Volcano: a review of this Japanese thrash metal band's solid debut album released in 2000

Updated on December 30, 2017
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A photo of a volcano releasing hearts which symbolize love

This photo symbolizes the band's name. After you listen to this band, you may love the album and the band's music.
This photo symbolizes the band's name. After you listen to this band, you may love the album and the band's music. | Source

Who are the band Volcano and why are they better than bands such as Ritual Carnage?

Volcano is a Japanese melodic thrash metal band that has its roots all the way back to 1993 and they are pretty awesome! Their 2000 debut album called Violent is an example of this. While bands such as Ritual Carnage focus more on playing music that is heavy and they have louder and more of the screaming type vocals, Volcano has more melody in their music and the vocals are more of the screeching type. I don’t mean to say that the vocals consist of a cat screeching but the vocals are more suited to thrash metal.

Track listing for the band Volcano's Debut Album Called Violent

  1. The Present
  2. Kill All of Me
  3. Ghost
  4. Brain Dance
  5. Fear of the Scarlet
  6. I Am What
  7. Cloud Covers
  8. Devil May Care Boy
  9. The Prayer
  10. Volcano
  11. Unchained

The Song Called Ghost is one of the Early Highlights of This Album

The first song called The Present is a short, slow, heavy song that has some narration in it that describes a point of disorder in an ancient castle as this castle has been invaded by wild beasts which now must be extinguished. The song makes reference to the fact that much of the world has been engulfed in violence. We can take steps to ensure a more peaceful world though. The next song called Kill All of Me has a definite Blind Guardian influence it because of the lead guitar interludes. Already, listeners are going to be in for a very exciting musical journey through the album. The song called Ghost is a song about not disrespecting the dead. The song is also about someone that has lost his lover. You can also hear some exotic Yngwie J. Malmsteen style tapping in the lead guitar work (at least I do).

Brain Dance: a Song About Love and Loneliness

Brain Dance starts with some riffing that Pantera would have used. The song is about someone that feels very lonely when his lover is not around him. I wonder if the band got the influence for this song from the song Love vs. Loneliness. There’s a possibility that this could have been the case.

The song called Volcano

Make sure to listen to the song Fear of the Scarlet

Fear of the Scarlet is an absolutely outstanding song that is influenced by Japanese melodic death metal band Shadow. It is a song about someone that has gone off to fight a war and he has seen the evils of war. He does not want to die. There is also an In Flames influence in the lead style interlude. This is one of the most awesome guitar parts in the history of the metal genre! In war, there is much death but death is sometimes seen as a sign of victory and some think that by death, victory can be achieved. Looking at the subject from a deeper sense of self, we realize that real victory is achieved by working for peace.

Volcano vs. Ritual Carnage

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The song called Fear of the Scarlet

Discography for the Japanese band Volcano

Year released
Album Title

Songs such as Cloud Covers are an example of how bands can write quality thrash metal

The song called I Am What is a blues influenced slow thrash metal song. Even if this is the weakest song in the album, this will not detract from the musical quality we have heard so far. Volcano shows us that THIS is the way to compose melodic thrash metal. My hope is that through writing about this band I can convince others to see for themselves that Japan does indeed have quality metal bands. Cloud Covers starts with a part influenced by Judas Priest. But then we hear the early In Flames influence in the guitar work. The song is about human nature being in a very dangerous and disordered state where man kills man for his own benefit. The only way that the Earth can be saved is through the power of the good angels and GOD himself. The song can serve as a reminder of the kind of world we live in now in 2017.

The song called Cloud Covers

The greatness of the band Volcano

The song Devil May Care Boy is very heavy and has a pounding drum part similar to the band Impaled Nazarene. The song The Prayer is about a village that has been attacked and a little boy asks his mother where Peter has gone to. We can assume that Peter is either the boy’s friend or his brother. The song Volcano has a Kreator type of influence in it. For those of you that don’t remember, Kreator is a very famous melodic thrash metal band from Germany that has existed since 1982. The last song Unchained is a beautiful acoustic instrumental which is influenced by quite a few bands such as In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, and Finntroll. Just give the band Volcano a chance and you will be very impressed by this band! Their debut album Violent gets pretty close to a 100 points finishing at 98! After listening to this album, fans of thrash metal should have a more open mind and appreciate the awesomeness of the album. The only drawback may be that the vocals may not be understandable 100% of the time but the musical brilliance will leave you coming back for more!

The Song Called The Prayer

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The song called Unchained

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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