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Updated on September 28, 2017

X-men Origins: Wolverine


n 1845, the Howlets.
Were attacked by groundskeeper Logan.
The attack activated. Their son James mutation.
Bones came out of his knuckles and hands.
While Logan kills his mom and dad.
He launches out and sticks them in his chest.
In the midst, he decides to confess.
That he is really his father.
While he dies, James sees where he got his powers.
He also sees his brother. Victor Creed.
With their father dead they leave,
Spending their years as soldiers.
They were ultimate fighters.
As time goes on, Victor becomes violent.
He attempts to rap a woman.
A senior officer attempts to stop him.
But victor manifests and kills him.
James comes up and defends his Victor.
They were caught by the authorities.
Sentence to death but their abilities.
Helps them to heal and escape.
They move on before it's too late.
While still in Military Custody.
Major William Stryker invites them to be.
A part of Team X. A team of mutants.
A team that hunts and kills humans.
They accept. James changes the name to Logan.
The Team fulfills their purpose.
But Victor's lack of Human life.
Makes Logan leave and start a new life.
Logan leaves to Canada.
He finds a Job as a logger.
He's suddenly approached by Stryker.
He finds out that there is a hunter.
That has killed two team members.
Stryker wanted to offer.
Logan rejects the offer at first.
But heard a scream and went after.
Saw scratches on the car and his girlfriend there.
He knew Victor did it, and he knew where.
Where he needed to go to find him.
He went to a bar to fight him.
He loses the epic battle.
Logan goes to stryker for a stronger mantle.
Stryker provides that for him.
He fills logans body with adamantium.
A metal that is indestructible.
Instead of wood, it's blades from his knuckles.
He has claws of steel. He is ready to fight.
He hunts down Victor with all his might.
He finds him. Fights him then they join forces.
To fight off a mutant that Stryker created.
He created and programmed a weapon.
To kill the mutants that are walking.
Meanwhile, Victor and Logan.
Join forces to fight off the weapon.
Logan kills it. Then after.
He is shot in the head by Stryker.
He recovers, with no memory of anything.
He then realizes he is Wolverine.

The Wolverine

Silver Samuri

Logan is in now in Japan.
The same guy but in a different land.
He meets a mutant named Yukio.
Who happens to work for Ichiro.
Ichiro was dying of cancer.
He wanted to transfer.
Logan's healing abilities.
Willing to alleviate Logan's immorality.
Logan refuses and prepares to leave.
While he sleeps he has a dream.
A dream of something inside his body.
Turns out, that dream was a reality.
Logan meets Shingen, the son of Ichiro
& meets his granddaughter Mariko.
She goes on a trip with Logan.
They slowly feel attraction.
Slowly in love, they begin to fall.
But never really get involved.
Yukio comes with Logan soon after.
They come together and capture.
Noburo Mori. The fiance of Mariko.
Who confesses that he tried to steal the show.
She arrives at Ichiro's estate.
Ninjas come and took her away.
Yukio and Logan arrive.
And find a parasite inside.
Inside of Logan's chest.
He cuts himself open and removes it.
Shingen thinks this is the best time to attack.
He does so, but Yukio holds him back.
Holds him back while Logan heals.
After he does, Logan kills.
In pursuit of Mariko.
He goes to the birthplace of Ichiro.
There, they find that Ichiro's not dead.
But this time Logan chops off his head.



Logan got older. He got weak.
He works at night, during the day he drinks.
Working as a Limo Driver in El Pao, Texas.
Living in a smelting plant that is abandoned.
With another mutant, he's living.
Together they are caring.
Caring for Professor X.
As he has seizures, with dire effects.
Diar effects because of his abilities.
He's medicated, controlling his mutanity.
Meanwhile, Gabrielle Lopez.
Needs her daughter escorted.
Escorted from a camp of refugees.
She knew that her daughter will be.
Safe will Logan. He accepts the offer.
Gets the girl out of the picture.
Gabriella felt she was being hunted.
Logan saw it is true after it.
When he saw Lopez in a chair.
Despondent, bloody and in a stare.
She was dead. Killed by fierce.
Fierce soldiers led by Donald Pierce.
Pierce knew where the girl was heading.
So he went to Logan and started asking.
Asked him where she was. Logan didn't know who.
The girl walked up and he saw the truth.
So Logan packed up. Hoping to leave.
Soldiers came up with hope to retrieve.
To retrieve the girl that pierce wanted.
But to get her, they had to get through Logan.
Logan activated his blades of steel.
He then saw the girls' blades of steel.
He saw her with claws just like him.
She was fighting the soldiers just like him.
She was aggressive just like him.
She was healing fast just like him.
Logan got in the limo with Xavier.
Xavier asked " Doesn't she look familiar"
Logan had no clue just wanted to take her.
Then found that she was his daughter.
They get away and later meet another mutant
The mutant they met was a clone of Logan.
Logan fights him but doesn't defeat him.
But they were still able to escape him.
In the meantime, Charles Xavier dies.
Before finishing the Job. Logan decides.
Decides to not take her to Eden.
But he did take her, and he saved the children.
They still needed help. Though they were mutants.
They killed Pierce and all of his men.
But along with them was the death of Logan.


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