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Updated on August 23, 2011

Some people think that will revolutionize the way we hear new music.

Other people think that is a novelty or gimmick that will go away.

Yet.... A lot of people thought twitter and face book were novelty's in the beginning as well.

Since the internet has really taken off there has been a large magnitude of web start ups. Some have failed while others have succeed and are now mainstays on the internet. Some web start ups have truly revolutionized how we do things (think face book, twitter). Could be one of these revolutionary sites?

If you have not heard about, get ready to. In a nutshell, is a social way to listen to internet music. is a new web start up that has garnered a lot of publicity lately not only for its uniqueness but for the people investing in it. Recently according to Business Insider, Kane is investing in and Lady Gaga already has. has already garnered a niche following and is very popular with djs who are testing out fresh beats and sounds before they go to clubs.


First you have to log onto the site. Right now membership is limited due the potential software problems quick growth can cause. To currently get on to you need to live in the USA and you can only enter if you have a Facebook friend who is a member of the site. You can also go to and add your e-mail to the invite list. Occasionally they give out invitations to join the site.

Once you are logged on to you pick a simple avatar for yourself. Then you can join a room. How do you know what room to go to? will list the rooms that any of your facebook friends are currently in. will also list the rooms that are currently the most popular and have the most people in them. In the rooms there are listeners and DJ's. The songs that are played in the room are rotated between the tunes each DJ picks to play. Where does one get these songs? Either from the sites 10 million or so songs or you can upload your own music. As you can see this can a great platform for people to test new music.

When you are a DJ your avatar is sitting at a desk in front of the room. When you are a listener your avatar is standing in front of the desk with the other people in the room.

Here is where it gets fun. You are allowed to chat on the screen with the listeners that are listening to the same music as you. Each listener can also vote on the song that is being played. There are two buttons that can be pushed on the screen. One button says "Lame" while the other says "Awesome". If enough listeners pick the "Lame" button then the song is automatically changed. A point is rewarded to the DJ every time the awesome button is pushed. One of the goals to being a DJ is to collect the most points possible. These points then can be traded in to get a better more detailed avatar.


Will revolutionize the way we listen to new music?

Is another passing internet fad?

I believe this concept will eventually really take off. Being able to socialize with other people while you are listening to music is a really cool idea. I think the best thing about is the ability to upload your own music. Think about it. What if you made a track and wanted to see if people like it? This would be the perfect platform to do so. I can imagine that there will be a lot of musicians discovered on this site.


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