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Updated on September 26, 2011


All you need is a little courage and faith then see your dream come true...Hubpages gave me the courage and with my faith, i am now excelling. I previously did a documentary about Haiti, my passion is story telling and i dream to take my story telling to the big screen,believe you me...I AM HEADING THERE.

Working on my debut film title...WHEREVER

It will be in two languages...English and Spanish therefore the title in Spanish is


This film is about Edward, a young local boxing champion whose sole ambition was to become a professional boxer, his father died in jail when he was a young boy so he was brought up single handedly by his mother whom he loved dearly. However, he fell in love with his childhood friend Beatrice and they both love each other but his mother was not in support of their relationship.

Edward later injured his right wrist during a training section and the doctor told him that he could no longer participate in boxing or do any hard thing with his hand and that broke his heart because his desire and dream to become a professional boxer will no longer be come true but Beatrice encouraged him to pursue a career in music because he could sing and even writes lyrics.

They both decided to leave for the city to pursue a bright future. However, his mother rejected to their plans to get married so they decided to take a blood oat and also secretly married each other so his mother could not stop them, she showed no signs of grievance when she found out what they did but made it clear that she would have been happier if Edward had married another person.

They later left for the city and was welcomed by John, one of Edward’s old friends. Beatrice began selling flowers in the street while Edward sing in the road and street corners to entertain passerby who give him money in return but after four months of intense hustling, Edward tried to seal a music deal with a producer but was rejected after an audition. However, with the help of John, he secured a deal with another producer.

One day when he left for the studio to record songs, his mother who felt that Beatrice snatched her son away from her paid them a surprise visit and met Beatrice alone in the house then immediately bounced on her, she accused her of ill lucks and the cause of Edward’s misfortunes. Beatrice tried to talk her to understanding but instead she began to hit and beat her. Edward got to the scene after recording his songs and tried to stop the brawl. However, his presence rose Beatrice defensive spirit and she began to curse her mother in-law in return.Edward was pissed off when he overheard Beatrice call his mother a wicked witch and the cause of her own husband’s death so he slapped Beatrice out of annoyance, Beatrice looked at him and walked out of the scene but as she walk few meters, she fell to the ground and collapsed.Edward realizing what he did, rushed to her aid and noticed that she was losing her breath,he tried to resuscitate her, he called the paramedics but Beatrice died upon their arrival. Edward was arrested by the police and charged for murder.

However, the presiding Magistrate was lenient on him because the investigation conducted in respect of the death of his wife showed that they both loved each other dearly and the cause of her death was an unknown and untreated illness she was suffering. Edward's good record in the society also helped him so the case was dropped and he was acquitted of the charge but he was left heart broken because of the death of his wife which he blamed himself as the cause.

John tried to make him accept the situation as fate, no one was able to console him, and even the big contract he sealed was not enough to uplift his spirit. He later went to his producer and notified him that he want to add a new song in the memory of his late wife to his already concluded album, the producer agreed to do that for him but something terrible happened while he was rehearsing the song in the studio. Edward collapsed and was rushed to the hospital where Doctors diagnosed him of multiple heart attack. He remained in coma for couple of hours then later passed on. The news of his death was a blow to everyone that knew him.


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