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Updated on September 7, 2012
William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare | Source
Robert Hewett Sr
Robert Hewett Sr
Sir Francis Bacon
Sir Francis Bacon | Source


HEAR YE, HEAR YE, The Royal Court of Academia in now in session.

The Right Honorable Magistrate Orville Truthfinder, Presiding.

“Yesterday, we heard from Sir Langston numerous reasons why

William Shakespeare may not have been the author of the famous

Works attributed to him. Indeed, according to Sir Langston, the Earl

Of Oxford was most likely the true author of these works about the

Inner circle of Royalty midway in the 16th century. Is there no evidence

that William Shakespeare did write the works attributed to him?

Sir Bennett Johnston, noted Professor of English Literature at Oxford

University will now bring forth the evidence of which he has knowledge

to prove, in his opinion, that William Shakespeare did, indeed author

the Shakespearean plays. Sir Johnston, enlighten this noble court

about the reason why we should give William Shakespeare credit for

these masterful compositions about royalty.”

“Aye, Me Lord, it is with great relish that I put to rest the foolish belief

that the great Bard was not the author of the revered works of art

published under his name. Sir Langston, a gifted speaker, and a Professor

well known to me, firmly believes he is right about the true author of

The Shakespearean plays. He is most convincing in spite of his youthful

years and lack of the deep background, that I and others have in the works

of William Shakespeare.”

“Sir Johnston, ye speak of matters that have nothing to do with proving

William Shakespeare was the author of plays attributed to him. Do you

have evidence to submit, pray show it now, this court has little time for


“Aye Me Lord, I have here a letter from none other than Sir Francis Bacon,

a well known author in his own right and a peer of William Shakespeare.

Sir Bacon writes….

“I personally knew and often debated with William Shakespeare

on the subjects of his writing. I am convinced that William Shakespeare was

a keen observer of life in the Royal family and used his acquaintance with

The Earl of Oxford and others to solicit information about the various rulers of our

Kindom and their activities in royal circles. He also had the knack of finding out

little bits of information about the conduct of the royal families and of their

selfishness, greed, charity, incest and other such knowledge most of us would

never get to know. There is no question in my mind that William Shakespeare

of Stratford on the Avon wrote the plays bearing his name as author.”

“Have you anything else, Sir Johnston, or must we rule on this matter based

on the words of only one man? Are there no compositions in writing known

to be that of William Shakespeare?”

“Yes, Me Lord, I have information from another well known admirer of William

Shakespeare who also attests that William Shakespeare did indeed write

the Shakespearean plays. Me Lord, Shakespeare was not one to dwell

on himself. We have no known writings that can be positively proven that

they belong to Shakespeare. He apparently used Scribes to record his

compositions. We do not find a real image or likeness of Shakespeare,

except for an artists” sketch made from information provided by a friend

of Shakespeare. All this lack of information about Shakespeare and his

personal life has helped fuel this debate about the true author of the

Shakespearean plays. Further, there are more than 10 years of Shakespeare’s

life that are completely lost to researchers. This too, has helped fuel

the doubts of his authorship of the Shakespearean plays. Now to more

positive proof.”

“Now, Me Lord, the very well known writer and actor of his day, Ben Johnson, contributed verses to some of Shakespeare’s earliest compositions. There is written evidence that the two of them argued over wording in their joint efforts.?

“Finally, Me Lord, no one questioned the authorship of Shakespearean plays

for about a hundred and fifty years after Shakespeare’s death. Surely, the

aristocracy of that day would have been up in arms if the writer was also

a member of the King’s court. In summary, Me Lord, while proof of William Shakespeare’s authorship of the famous Shakespearean plays is a little less that we would like to

have, the evidence that he did not write the plays is pure speculation,

and certainly cannot override the words of Francis Bacon and Ben Johnson.”

“Thank you Sir Johnston and Sir Langston, the Royal Court of Academia

Will consider your respective presentations and render its decision

In a few days.”

End Part 2 of 3


Robert Hewett Sr.

April 29, 2010


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