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WTF Say!? Songs With Animals in the Lyrics

Updated on January 9, 2015

Music is a wonderful thing. It is a tool to express the most complex of countless emotions and it does preserve a lot of these for posterity to sing.

There are just so many ways to do this through music, and one of those is to add an animal, perhaps the singer's favorite pet, in the lyrics.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is a list (my list at first but I hope you would contribute yours in the comments section to make the list even better) of songs that have an animal or some animals in the lyrics.

Black Widow by Iggy Azalea

Listeners: This is a song for people who know how to be heartbroken and who would fiercely show their previous lovers what anger looks like.

Song Interpretation: The black widow spider eats her partner after mating. This "when we're done loving, I gobble you up" theme is incorporated in the song by saying that when there is no love anymore, I will attack you with all my might. Thus, she loves like a black widow.

Singers: Australian rapper Iggy Azalea and British recording artist Rita Ora

Writers: Azalea, Katy Perry, Sarah Hudson, Benny Blanco, and duo Stargate

Producers: Stargate, Tim Blacksmith (exec.), Danny D. (exec.)

Some of the Lyrics:

This twisted cat and mouse game always starts the same
First we're both down to play then somehow you go astray...

You used to be thirsty for me (Right)
But now you wanna be set free
This is the web, web that you weave
So baby now rest in peace...

I'm gonna love ya
Until you hate me
And I'm gonna show ya
What's really crazy
You should've known better
Than to mess with me, honey
I'm gonna love ya, I'm gonna love ya
Gonna love ya, gonna love ya
Like a black widow, baby


Anaconda by Nicki Minaj

Listeners: If you wanna dance around and hip hop is your style, this song is for you. It is about that mysterious anaconda that likes to have some buns, if you know what i'm saying. Sexy is not always skinny. The song is really fun which made it hit the charts.

Song interpretation: The anaconda is a big snake. The green anaconda is the largest living species of snake in the world. I don't really think there is much interpretation to put here.

Singer: Nicki Minaj

Writers: Polow da Don, Anonymous, Da Internz, and Nicki Minaj

Producers: Polow da Don, Anonymous, Da Internz

Some of the Lyrics:

By the way, what he say?
He can tell I ain't missing no meals
Come through and f**k 'em in my automobile
Let him eat it with his grills,
He keep telling me to chill
He keep telling me it's real, that he love my sex appeal
Because he don't like 'em boney, he want something he can grab
So I pulled up in the Jag, Mayweather with the jab like...

My Anaconda don't...
My Anaconda don't...
My Anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hon

Rabbit Heart by Florence + the Machine

Listeners: This song is for those who like songs sung with a harmonious voice. For me, it was a relaxing song. Although the theme is about a sacrificial offering.

Song interpretation: According to the singer, the song is about the fear of being in the spotlight. Thus the words "This is a gift/ It comes with a price/ Who is the lamb/ and who is the knife."

My interpretation is that this song might be about child birth. More specifically, I think it is about an abortion. The girl gets pregnant by accident ("was that the wrong pill to take?"). And if she was touched and turned to gold by Midas, then she was Midas' daughter; and her father touched her. She finally decided to kill her baby ("Who is the lamb and who is the knife"), or if it is not about an abortion then the line is just a reference on how the procedure is dangerous for both the mother and the child. When she was in labor, she looked for the father ("I look around, but I can't find you"). And then finally the baby/fetus comes out ("The waters turn from blue to red").

In the video, the mother died because of the procedure ("Who is the lamb and who is the knife?").

Singer: English indie rock band Florence and the Machine

Writers: Florence Welch and Paul Epworth

Producer: Paul Epworth

Some of the Lyrics:

Here I am, a rabbit-hearted girl
Frozen in the headlights
It seems I've made the final sacrifice

We raise it up, this offering
We raise it up

This is a gift, it comes with a price
Who is the lamb and who is the knife?
Midas is king and he holds me so tight
And turns me to gold in the sunlight

Dark Horse by Katy Perry

Song interpretation: In this song, Katy Perry is a powerful goddess whom people should fear. In the video, she took gifts and sacrifices from her subjects. When she had a taste of what they can offer her, she annihilates them and take everything that they had.

Singer: American singer Katy Perry

Writers: Katy Perry, Jordan Houston, Lukasz Gottwald, Sarah Hudson, Max Martin, Henry Walter

Producers: Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Cirkut

Some of the Lyrics:

Make me your Aphrodite
Make me your one and only
But don’t make me your enemy, your enemy, your enemy

So you wanna play with magic
Boy, you should know what you're falling for
Baby do you dare to do this?
Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse
Are you ready for, ready for
A perfect storm, perfect storm
Cause once you’re mine, once you’re mine
There’s no going back

She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) by David Guetta

Song interpretation: If you read the lyrics, there seem to be three people being sung about: (1) the deer or the woman who's falling to pieces; (2) the wolf/hunter/man; (3) the she-wolf or the woman who took the man in the end. The first person or the singer is the deer. She "felt like a deer in love lights." She was captivated by the wolf who was lustily hungry for her ("hungry for that flesh of mine"). But in the end the male fell in love with the she-wolf who has brought the deer to her knees. And now the deer was devastated and she was falling to pieces. She keeps wondering why the man chose the she-wolf instead of her. ("What do you see in those yellow eyes?")

That was my interpretation of the lyrics. However, the video seems to tell a different tale. It seems that the hunted deer and the she-wolf are but one entity. This could only mean that the woman fell in love with the man. But the man likes her not because of love but because of lust ("hungry for that flesh of mine") and the woman gets down to her knees and transforms into the she wolf to feed the man ("I can't compete with the she wolf who has brought me to my knees"). But she keeps wondering why he loves her only for that she wolf part of her. ("Did she lie in wait?/ Was I bait to pull you in?/ What do you see in those yellow eyes?"). But the male finally felt guilty of that arrangement and left the woman alone.

Singer: French singer David Guetta and Australian singer Sia

Writers: David Guetta, Chris Braide, Sia Furler, Giorgio Tuinfort

Some of the Lyrics:

A shot in the dark
A past lost in space
Where do I start?
The past and the chase
You hunted me down
Like a wolf, a predator
I felt like a deer in love lights

You loved me and I froze in time
Hungry for that flesh of mine
But I can't compete with the she-wolf, who has brought me to my knees
What do you see in those yellow eyes?
'Cause I'm falling to pieces

Wolf by EXO

Song interpretation: This song is about guys (the wolf) who would lure and love a woman and after succeeding, he will discard her. The song is catchy and the beat is beautiful.

Singer: South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO

Writers: Kenzie , Nermin Harambasic and Will Simms

Producers: Ryan Jhun and Will Simms

Some of the Lyrics (Translated from Korean to English):

I feel the sensation; I feel it at once.
I’ll take you in one mouthful like cheese.
I take in (your) scent, scrutinize (your) color
I’ll eat you up with more refine than (drinking) wine.
Ah, but the strength in my toenail weakens, so my appetite yeah is gone.

Maybe I’m sick. Have I fallen ill?
Yeah I’m in trouble.
Get a grip. How did you get your heart stolen by a human?
It’s (the human) only a one-bite meal.

Hey bite her tight and then shake, shake ‘til you lose your mind.
Hey do it in a style you’ve never tried before.
Then before the big full moon comes out, throw her away.

That’s right! Wolf. I’m a wolf. Awoooh!
Ah I love you...
I’m a wolf and you’re a beauty.

Growl by EXO

Song interpretation: This song is about males who are aggressive about love. They are very jealous and no one can take their woman away from them. If they caught another guy staring at the woman, they will start threatening him. This song's music video features EXO dancing to the beat.

Singer: South Korean-Chinese boy band EXO

Writers: Hyuk Shin, DK, Jordan Kyle, John Major, Jarah Gibson

Some of the Lyircs (translated from Korean to English):

A dark shadow has woken up inside of me
Sparks fly in my eyes as I look at you
Everyone step away from her (step away)
It’s going to get fierce from now on
I’m growling, growling, growling
I’m growling, growling, growling
I’m growling, growling, growling
If you don’t back away then I don’t care if you get hurt

E. X. O.
Just in case another wolf looks at you
Because my girl is too perfect
I embrace you softly
I become violent just for you

Dog Days Are Over by Florence + Machine

The singer used to see a giant text installation by an artist, Ugo Rondinone, that read "Dog Days Are Over." It was her inspiration to write a song with that title.

Song Interpretation: (This is only one of the many possible interpretations.) Dogs are those who are willing to stay in one place. They are the ones who obey the rules. Horses value freedom, which is the reason why the eyes of horses in most horse-drawn carriages are covered so as they will only see what is directly in front of them. Seeing other places, where they could go, they might veer off the track.

When the dog discovered happiness, it transformed into a horse running free. The dog tried to hide from happiness, which we might equate to love. She killed it with kisses, meaning she kissed someone many times and made him fall in love with her. But when they were going to love in a different level, she fled away from it. But happiness hit her like a bullet in the back. Now she discovered happiness. Before, she never wanted anything; but now she wants "everything you had and what was left after that too."

This is my interpretation which is the least dark and bloody. In the music video, the singer seemed prophetic. In the original music video, it seemed like she was being adopted by a cult. Or they were just having a party which she refused to join at first but was finally convinced in the end.

Singer: English indie rock band Florence and the Machine

Writers: Florence Welch, Isabella Summers

Some of the Lyrics:

Happiness hit her like a train on a track
Coming towards her stuck still no turning back
She hid around corners and she hid under beds
She killed it with kisses and from it she fled
With every bubble she sank with her drink
And washed it away down the kitchen sink

The dog days are over
The dog days are done
The horses are coming
So you better run

Run fast for your mother, run fast for your father
Run for your children, for your sisters and brothers
Leave all your love and your longing behind
You can't carry it with you if you want to survive

Reverse by XIS

Song interpretation: Their style is dog. As is evident in the dance steps of this catchy song from the Thai boy group XIS. Their song is filled with puns. Most of the lines in this song are succeeded by lines where the word position or meaning is opposite that of the preceding line. Thus, "reverse" not only means to turn around but it also indicates the reversal of the words in the lyrics.

Singer: Thai-Chinese-Korean boy group XIS

Writers: Postcard (โปสการ์ด), Jirayut Phaloprakarn

Producers: Narongsak Sribandasakwatcharakorn, Thanee Wongniwatkajorn

Some of the Lyrics (Translated from Thai to English):

Before, I didn’t know you liked to break hearts.
But you broke my heart and now I know.
I finally understand how hard it is.That’s right. Like that.
Yesterday, my rank was high.
Now I am going to drop my rank.
The only person to make me give in is you.

Now she is a GOD.
But before this she was a DOG.
The hurt puts me in a SHOCK.
So help to reverse and start again.
Where are you, love?
Don’t tell me love is nowhere to be found.
Don’t-don’t be cruel.
Turn around, let’s hug.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ‘cause I better reverse. [2x]

Hello Kitty by Avril Lavigne

Song interpretation: This song is about a girl who fell in love with a kitty which she likes to spend every minute of her life with and she would die if it went out of her sight. Or so it sounds that way as Hello Kitty finds a fan in the person of none other than Avril Lavigne. The song features Japanese pop and although some people have a distaste for this song, I find it catchy and cute. Perhaps how you react to this song depends on your exposure to anything Japanese which ranges from anime and J-pop to ramen and tempura.

Listeners: The J-pop lovers out there should listen to this song. Although it is in English, it is made for your taste. All the others should also give it a try. Sometimes, new things are good when you give time to consider them.

Singer: Canadian singer Avril Lavigne

Writers: Avril Lavigne, Chad Kroeger, David Hodges, Martin Johnson

Producer: Martin Johnson

Some of the Lyrics:

Mom's not home tonight
So we can roll around, have a pillow fight
Like a major rager OMFG

Let's all slumber party
Like a fat kid on a pack of Smarties
Someone chuck a cupcake at me

It's time for spin the bottle
Not gonna talk about it tomorrow
Keep it just between you and me

Let's play truth or dare now
We can roll around in our underwear how
Every silly kitty should be

Royals by Lorde

Song interpretation: This song is about contentment. Despite the hardships and messiness that ordinary life can bring, the people are happy about their situation even though, as the song says, they are not royals.

Singer: New Zealand singer Lorde

Writer: Ella Yelich O'Connor, Joel Little

Producer: Joel Little

Some of the Lyircs:

And we'll never be royals (royals).
It don't run in our blood
That kind of luxe just ain't for us.
We crave a different kind of buzz.
Let me be your ruler (ruler),
You can call me queen Bee
And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule.
Let me live that fantasy.

Ooh ooh oh
We're bigger than we ever dreamed,
And I'm in love with being queen.
Ooh ooh oh
Life is great without a care
We aren't caught up in your love affair.

Roar by Katy Perry

Song interpretation: This song is about breaking free from oppression. She used to be the underdog, the one who always followed orders and who always worried that she might get things wrong. But she became fed up of the situation and now that she is finally standing on her own feet, she will break her silence and roar to tell the world that she exists, not as an accessory to another person but as herself, strong and free--the champion.

Singer: American singer Katy Perry

Writers: Katy Perry, Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin, Bonnie McKee, Henry Walter

Producers: Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Cirkut

Some of the Lyrics:

Now I’m floating like a butterfly
Stinging like a bee I earned my stripes
I went from zero, to my own hero

You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
Already brushing off the dust
You hear my voice, you hear that sound
Like thunder gonna shake the ground
You held me down, but I got up (HEY!)
Get ready ’cause I’ve had enough
I see it all, I see it now

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar
Louder, louder than a lion
‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar

Kuusou Rumba (Fantasy Rumba) by

Song interpretation: This is the opening song to the Japanese anime Zoku Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei (Goodbye, Professor Despair). This song is about people who are always belittled in life. And being thus oppressed, they imagine what life would be like if they fought the situation and unleash the beast hiding inside them.

Singers: Ootsuki Kenji and Zetsubou Shoujo-tachi (Nonaka Ai, Inoue Marina, Kobayashi Yuu, Sawashiro Miyuki, Shintani Ryoko)

Some of the Lyrics (Translated from Japanese to English):

If it's alright would you like to dance with me?
No way! You can't dance.
But it's lonely by myself. Let's dance the rumba.
Get away from me. Do a one-man rumba.

Who decided my price?
Tigers and leopards hide within our hearts.
They don't know that there are beasts within us.
So they undervalue us.
Unleash them!

Now, when they run about,
We are going to dance the rumba
Smiling lightly along with you.
Will that day ever come?
I don't know.


Who decided my worth?
Stars and flowers hide within our hearts.
They don't know that we shine
So they give us a cheap price and laugh.
They don't know about our sharp teeth and nails
So they put us on sale
Tear them apart!

Ring Ding Dong by Shinee

Song interpretation: Another dance song from a K-pop group that's called Shinee. This song is about how a girl took away a boy's sanity by making him fall in love with her. It was love at first sight. The girl was delicate and beautiful so he fell in love with her.

Singer: South Korean boy group Shinee

Writer: Yoo Young-jin

Producer: Lee Soo-man

Some of the Lyrics:

Butterfly! The moment I first saw you,
eyes flashing, hair swishing,
the bell rang "Ding Dong."
I’m not a cool guy or a nice guy. I’m a decent bad boy in my own way.

You’re also like a butterfly! You fell because you were too weak,
You fell because you were too gentle,
I have to put you to the side

Do not worry, do not worry anymore.
All you have to do is believe in me.
I like you a lot, I can’t let you slip.

Baby, I can’t breathe. Oh Crazy!
You’re too pretty. I can’t take it. Oh Crazy!
If it’s not you, I don’t need it. Crazy!
Why am I like this?

I'm Like a Bird by Nelly Furtado

Song Interpretation: This song is about change. The singer says that her love is true but that she will eventually just leave this love behind her for fear that she might destroy the love if she stays. She says that she's like a bird, always changing, always searching for the place where she belongs; and she never stays put in one place because change is the only constant thing in her life. Interestingly, the first four lines of the song seem to contradict the public view that what is inside matters more than outside appearance. The lines say that beauty never fades and personality or loveliness can change.

Singer: Canadian singer Nelly Furtado

Writer: Nelly Furtado

Producers: Gerald Eaton, and Brian West

Some of the Lyrics:

You're beautiful, that's for sure
You'll never ever fade
You're lovely but it's not for sure
That I won't ever change
And though my love is rare
Though my love is true

I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away
I don't know where my soul is, I don't know where my home is
(and baby all I need for you to know is)
I'm like a bird, I'll only fly away
I don't know where my soul is , I don't know where my home is
All I need for you to know is

Your faith in me brings me to tears
Even after all these years
And it pains me so much to tell
That you don't know me that well
And though my love is rare
Though my love is true

Black Bird by the Beatles

Song interpretation: This song is about recovery. Rise up and fly high at the opportune moment, Black Bird.

Singer: the Beatles

Writers: John Lennon, and Paul McCartney

Producer: George Martin

Some of the Lyrics:

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these broken wings and learn to fly
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to arise

Blackbird singing in the dead of night
Take these sunken eyes and learn to see
All your life
You were only waiting for this moment to be free

Blackbird fly, blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night


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