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WWE Attitude Era

Updated on June 19, 2013

I am just fresh off watching the WWE Attitude Era DVD. It was definitely energizing and it got me going so much with The Rock's catchphrases and the Stone Cold stunners that I decided to post a Hub about it. I watched a ton of past "Raw is War" episodes and some of the memorable Wrestlemania moments reliving some of the cherished memories of my childhood watching the attitude era videos.

The Rock

The Rock is actually back in the WWE as its champion after a 10-year absence. It's great to have The Rock back who had such a great run during the Attitude Era.

Rocky Maivia will forever remembered for his electrifying presence and witty remarks that kept the audience wanting for more. There was also Rock n’ Sock connection with Mick Foley who actually had 3 different personalities. The Rock was considered cool whether he was a heel or face with his run as the Corporate Champ as a heel still making him ever more popular.

Stone Cold Steve Austin

According to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, Stone Cold is "the most profitable WWE superstar of all time".

I will always remember the Austin - Mike Tyson segment, although it was a rip from the baddest man "hot Rod" Dennis Rodman coming to Monday Nitro. Steve Austin's antics and redefinition of the WWE 'face' were the stuff of legends.

The rise of Stone Cold

Stone Cold actually got his lucky break due to Triple H being punished for being involved in the The Kliq MSG Incident. Austin's rise was to be admired as he was not a third-generation superstar like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and was not slated to amount to anything big either.

Here is that video of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Mike Tyson that was such a big day for the WWE at the time. Now we move these WWE All Stars to the WWE Divas. I guess they might be considered WWE All Stars too.

A recent photo of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
A recent photo of Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
Classic Divas
Classic Divas
There was always something pretty appealing about her.
There was always something pretty appealing about her.

The WWE Divas

I know a lot of people including myself who tuned in for the WWE Divas. Some of my favorites are as follows.

Stephanie McMahon

I sure didn't appreciate her then, but she is beautiful looking back. I still remember when she was Rock Bottomed and then given the People's Elbow at the end of Wrestlemania 2000.

She had just graduated from Boston University and at just 22 years old at the time she did look extremely beautiful. Triple H is very lucky indeed. It was a treat to watch her every night on Raw and then again on SmackDown. She didn't actually wrestle despite being the WWF Women's Champion for an extended period of time.

Lisa Moretti - Ivory

I guess there are the Eve Torres', Michelle McCools and Layle Els that provide a lot of pleasure to the eyes of WWE viewers. But when looking at the WWE Attitude Era roster, it was Ivory that caught my attention. I admit that at the time I was more bothered about wrestling games and watching the actuall WWE wrestling than the women, but still. Lisa Moretti still looks as attractive as ever.

Amy Dumas - Lita

Ooh! Lita!! We have the girl that used to wrestle with her thong on display to the world. Need I say more. I guess the heel turn brought out a totally different side of Lita and then she went and retired from WWE programming much to my display. You can now find her with "The Luchagors" as the band's lead singer.

She was actually the most popular Diva in the history of the WWE. Another one for the Attitude Era!

Why the WWE Attitude Era was better?

Unpredictable WWE programming

In the Attitude Era, WWE programming was so unpredictable that you were glued to the TV set. Its still unpredictable, but it more or less bores you now. Back then, we were never sure who would align with who and the good thing was that there were some constants. The Rock and Steve Austin were at the top and then there were the Mid-Card wrestlers and so on.

Nowadays, we could have the Big Show or The Miz holding the title for as little as a single show.

The personalities were multi-layered

Everyone had a good and bad side to them starting from the top of the corporate ladder with Mr. McMahon who was a big time heel who screwed Bret Hart out of the title in Montreal At the same time, he became a face for a bit when he battled Triple H in Armageddon only to see his beloved daughter Stephanie turn on him. Mr. McMahon turned heel again when he scrambled The Rock's brains with a steel chair in Wrestlemania 2000.

The big risks

Mankind flying off the top of a cage, Hell in a Cell, Last Man Standing, funny segments such as the time when DX invade Nitro that made a lot of people tune in were all part and parcel of the game to take over professional wrestling.


Talking about DX, it was only fair to have a separate section for them in this Hub. Shawn Michaels as the "Heartbreak Kid" and Triple H as "The Game" were renowned for their shenanigans as much as their legacy in being the very best that this form of sports entertainment has to offer.


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    • profile image

      buckjoseph 4 years ago

      Awesome Hub! Yes, DX definitely deserved it's own section, and so did the hot mommas. *Wink-wink*

      I would give anything to bring back the Attitude Era of WWE!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 5 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      I used to watch WWF with my hubby few years back. I find The Rock is a cool guy. He is good at acting too. Beautiful figure.