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WWE Money In The Bank Results

Updated on July 18, 2011
Money In The Bank Poster
Money In The Bank Poster

Sunday, July 17th, 2011. WWE presented the wrestling world to the biggest pay-per-view of the year thus far, Money In The Bank. The card that WWE put together was the best overall card that fans have seen in a long time. Two new champions were crowned and we witnessed a surprise win in one of the matches. Here are the results from the Money In the Bank pay-per-view.

-WWE’s Smackdown brand MITB ladder match featured Daniel Bryan capturing the briefcase above the ring. Daniel Bryan now has the opportunity to cash in the briefcase for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship whenever he would like.

-Kelly Kelly retained the WWE Divas Title by defeating Brie Bella

-Mark Henry defeated the Big Show

-Alberto del Rio won the MITB ladder match for WWE’s Raw brand. He now has the opportunity to cash in the briefcase for a shot at the WWE Title whenever he would like.

-Randy Orton lost the WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt to Christian when he was disqualified for kicking Christian down yonder.

-And the most anticipated match of the year, CM Punk defeated John Cena to become the new WWE Champion. This now means CM Punk is leaving WWE with the title and Cena is fired. Congratulations to CM Punk.

Overall Rating: A-

What will happen tonight on WWE Raw? Will CM Punk show up? Has he signed a new contract? Or will he walk away from WWE like he promised as the WWE Champion? Find out July 18th, 2011 on WWE Raw tonight.


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    • ubuntu1984 profile image

      ubuntu1984 5 years ago from stockton, ca

      I loved this PPV and I popped big time when Daniel Bryan and CM Punk won their matches.