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WWE RAW 03/22/16 The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Updated on March 22, 2016

The Good

The best thing on WWE Raw was the opening bout between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. This was one the best WWE Raw matches this year. They have great chemistry together and I pray they will have a feud after Wrestlemania. Kevin Owens going over here is the right move to keep him hot as the champion. Jericho is also firing on all cylinders as a heel. This is a very simple feud with a clear good guy and bad guy. As long as WWE doesn't screw it up the pay off at Wrestlemania could be epic. Terry Funk and Dean Ambrose seems so natural I couldn't help but smile. I have never been a big Terry Funk fan but this segment worked. I hope all the build means this match will be brutal and as disturbing as the guys handing Dean weapons. Big E vs Rusev was actually a good match. The outside interference added to the drama and made me a little more exited about their match with The League of Nations. The new Day were funny at the beginning and then kicked it into gear when the match started. Now we just need some one in The League to step up and become the mouthpiece. WWE has to find a way for The League of Nations to get more crowd heat. Trashing America is really the way to go. No better way for the crowd to hate you then to trash their country. Especially since Wrestlemania is in Texas. Vince was not his best tonight on the microphone, but the addition of the stipulation of Undertaker losing and never wrestling at Wrestlemania again makes this match feel bigger. I am still curious if this match closes the show. At this point I am thinking that may be a good idea. The build for Undertaker vs. Shane O Mac took a turn for the better with the videos and WWE Superstars talking about each man. It made it feel like an epic match is happening. I wish they could find a way to do this with Roman Reigns vs Triple H. Speaking of Roman Reigns. I loved how he was with Stephanie. Grabbing her hand and snarling into the microphone. telling Stephanie he was the authority. I enjoyed it and I think most people at home did as well. The fact the crowd was booing him didn't matter to me at all. I am learning to smile when they boo. Roman Reigns is having a match with Triple H at Wrestlemania 32. He always puts on great matches when he is the main event. This will be no different. Stephanie is one of the best actors in WWE right now. Her screaming while Roman Reigns was beating on Triple H was so believable I almost felt bad for her. I don't know why people are booing Reigns so much, but please feel free to keep booing him while I keep smiling.

The Bad

The crowd was both bad and ugly this week. Can wrestlers start booing the crowd. The crowd has turned heel. The end of WWE Raw featured Braun Strowman vs Dean Ambrose. This had thrown in at the last moment written all over it. The match was not entertaining and just started to feel like a waste of time since Brock Lesnar was not there. Also Bray Wyatt has no opponent for Wrestlemania which is crazy as hell. Vince has lost his mind by not booking a match for Bray Wyatt. If it gets announced next week then he is a double idiot for not building a feud. Also where was every one at? Two weeks to Wrestlemania and no Undertaker, Shane, or Brock Lesnar? From a booking stand point I understood Triple H not being around that much, but every one else is not injured. The final segment of WWE Raw should have shown Brock Lesnar and Dean Ambrose taking turns destroying the Wyatts. How hard is it to book good segments? Just lame. Chris Jericho vs Fandango was a snooze fest. Thanks Vince for sending Fandango out to get buried by Chris Jericho after he defeated him at Wrestlemania. Crappy logic and not needed. Showcasing Chris Jericho against a good wrestler would be much better. The AJ Styles piece at the end of the match was childish and dumb. WWE needs to realize that AJ is a 37 year old baby face who wouldn't walk out and say something that stupid. I am enjoying this feud and I just don't want WWE writing to screw it up. Let Chris Jericho do the talking please. Zack Ryder vs Stardust vs Sin Cara was not bad but it wasn't good either. The reason it falls in the bad category is because I don't care about any of these wrestlers and they have no business any where near the Intercontinental title. This will not ruin the match for me at Wrestlemania but I feel Kevin Owens doesn't need a ladder and five other competitors to put on a classic match. He is a great wrestler who deserves to be in the ring with other great wrestlers, not wrestlers who are not on his level. WWE use of Natalya has been tragic. She is easily one of the best wrestlers male or female on the WWE roster. She deserves a spot at Wrestlemania. She is cheered heavily every time she steps in the ring because of her pure talent.

The Ugly

I know people have a right to boo whoever they want, but the crowd was dreadful. What the heck is wrong with the crowd. Are they stupid puppets of the internet? I mean Roman did great in front of a superior talker and was booed. He beat up Triple H who ran from him and was booed all while Stephanie is screaming. My God what do you people want? Every time he has a high profile match he exceeds expectations. He made a match with the Big Show not only watchable but enjoyable. He is talented and has the look. the crowd is actually ruining WWE Raw for me and plenty of others. Acting like childish morons. Not saying they don't have the right to boo, but to boo because everyone is telling you to boo is ridiculous. Bubba Ray has been really good on the microphone, but matching them with R-Truth and Goldust is a joke. Goldust can be used as an excellent singles competitor to put over young talent and Truth belongs on WWE Superstars. I don't get why WWE has forgotten how to build under card feuds. The Usos are amazing in the ring but are long over due for a heel turn. Turning the Usos into heels would change the WWE tag team division for the better. Bring back Cody and Goldust as a tag team. WWE is making the tag team division a joke. The Social Outcast have failed on a nuclear level. Kane and Big Show in a Battle Royal as the big favorites is lame and old. This is coming from someone who loves Battle Royals. It just seems odd a few months after the Royal Rumble. Can they at least give a #1 contender to the United States Championship on the line? Please? I am glad they at least tried something but it fell completely flat. Also why in the world is Zack Ryder in the Intercontinental Match? When was the last time he won a match on Raw? Just scratching my head on this one. Also do we need Sin Cara in this match as well? I would prefer Tyler Breeze, Goldust, and Stardust to be honest.


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