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Updated on August 3, 2010

As of late

 So I'm a huge WWE Raw fan as of late. Use to be that I didn't care much for the world of WWE wrestling. But my family always got into it. But in the past few months my future hubby and I started watching it more and more on Monday nights at 9pm. And I've been following it pretty close ever since. And I have to admit, that the story line kinda keeps me on edge a tad bit. Though with the introduction of the Nexus, I got a bit bored. But since they are keeping them to a minimum lately it's gotten a bit more exciting. So a recap of Monday August 2, 2010 in my own thoughts and words for you.....

Just when we all thought he was only a spear away from defeating Wade Barrett
Just when we all thought he was only a spear away from defeating Wade Barrett

Wade Barrett and Edge

Of course I have to start off with the egotistical Edge facing Wade Barrett... I mean really what in the world was Edge thinking! Did he really think that the Nexus wasn't going to be waiting in the wings to pounce on Barrett's command?

Though I have to commend Wade Barrett on his strength and stamina. He easily can face off in that ring with anyone. He has what it takes to be a WWE Superstar no doubt about it. But he just needs to shed off the Nexus. Because those other 6 men can't hold their own in the ring.

Just when we all thought that Edge was going to take Barrett down, he did what we all knew he would do...Called out the Nexus. Which in turn showed us the weaker side of him. So what will happen with the Nexus come Summer Slam? Well we'll just have to wait and see. Because it doesn't look like Barrett is going to face anyone on his own anytime soon!

But I also feel that Edge can't blame John Cena or anyone else for that matter for not coming to his rescue! He clearly stated that he wanted no interference and no one helping him. So guess what Edge...You are on your own!

Lets see how long Alicia Fox keeps that WWE Diva Championship title with Melina back in the ring
Lets see how long Alicia Fox keeps that WWE Diva Championship title with Melina back in the ring

The Divas

 Usually I don't get into watching the WWE Divas to much. I mean lets face it. You can tell that they are obviously not hitting each other and the matches last about as long as a commercial break. They aren't as fluid in their movements as the men are, and they really only bring the hot factor to the WWE. Got to have some women around to keep the men motivated right?

But last night the 3 on 3 match with Gail Kim, Eve and Natalya vs. Alicia Fox, Jillian and Tamina was something to be watched. Alicia Fox's ego ran a little out of control at the end of the match. We all know she won that Diva's championship title out of a pure fluke. She's not that good after all.

Espically when the former Diva's Champion, Melina, came out and put Alicia Fox clearly in her place.

A human jar of mayo and a freak in body paint, enough said!
A human jar of mayo and a freak in body paint, enough said!

Goldust and Sheamus

 The human jar of mayo vs the freak in body paint. Enough said right? These two are no threat to anyone in the WWE. The face off with these two just makes me laugh really. I mean come on Sheamus......he's a freak with to title, what's the point? Of course it's pure entertainment for the WWE universe to laugh at.

But of course with the Miz clearly in the wings waiting to pounce on the WWE title Sheamus has to worry about holding his own and watching out for the Miz when he is the most vulnerable.

John Cena vs Chris Jericho

A war of the egotistical Chris Jericho and John Cena. All over who wants to be the head of the WWE Summer Slam match against the Nexus. I mean Chris Jericho get over yourself already! No one likes you and you are washing up. You just can't seem to understand it! You want control of a team that you didn't have the audacity to put together yourself! So why should the team be handed over to you? And clearly you are no match anymore for John Cena when you tapped out way before he put you in the choke hold! Then with your ego bruised you walked away from the Summer Slam team. John Cena didn't want you to leave. He offered you a place right beside him. But because you can't control them you want no part of it! I mean really? Get a grip man and do what needs to be done to help stop the Nexus!

Really I knew who was going to win that match before they even hit the ring. Do you really think the WWE is going to let Cena lose a match that isn't going to put him into the Summer Slam match up! But I have to say that the match did have me on the edge of my seat in anticipation. Because it looked at a few moments that Jericho was going to win!

In conclusion

 I'm not going to get into much of the Ted Dibiase and Great Khali match nor will I endulge you with Randy Orton vs The Miz.

The match up between Dibiase and Khali left much to be desired and quite frankly I didn't really watch to much of it. I know the Great Khali won. And that is about all. Frankly Ted Dibiase gets on my nerves so I tend to walk away and do something else if he's on the television. So my thoughts are : Good job Kahali!

Randy Orton dominated the match vs The Miz. And I feel he will give Sheamus a run for his money at Summer Slam.


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