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A shooting Star

Updated on September 5, 2017

The Rise

On September 12, 1973, a star was born. His name was Paul William Walker. Being the son of a model and a sewer contractor/boxer (2 times Gold Medalist) it really was no surprise what he will come to be. He starred in commercials for pampers, he modeled while he was a toddler and in 1985, he started to actually work. He got his face on the small screen and big screen, doing little roles in movies, He discovered his stardom. In 2001, he broke out. He got a starring role in one of the best franchises to ever hit the big screen. The Fast and Furious franchise.

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The Beginning

Fast and furious (2001)

Walker played the role of Brian O' Connor. O' Connor was an officer for the LAPD. O' Connor investigates the crime and uses a cover up job to do so. So he blended in. While blending in he meets Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel). Torreto is a mechanic. he has his own garage. He Later finds out that Dominic's mechanic job is a cover up. Toretto was a wanted criminal and was the guy that he is looking for. But the hard part is arresting him because he was dating his sister Mia Toretto who is played by Jordana Brewster. So he was in denial for a little while. He saw electronics that were bought, but he thought they were stolen so he reported it to the LAPD and FBI. In response, those who bought the items were arrested. Arrested because the LAPD and FBI only knew what Walker assumed until they found out themselves. They released them. Brian was then forced to believe what he did not want to. Toretto was the coordinator behind the hijacking. Torretto could have been arrested, but Brian let him go in the end.

2 and Furious 2 (2003)

Brian Walker decided to make racing more of a living for himself. He participated in street races. The races go on until the police come and shut them down. On this movie, Brian is looking for a big drug lord named Carter Verone played by Cole Hauser. The police were trying to catch him, but could not. They needed Brian. Brian agreed to do it, but wanted to choose his own partner. So he chose his childhood friend Roman Pearce. Pearce was played by actor/singer Tyrese Gibson. While they kept a low profile, Roman and Brian were hired to be on Verone's team. They were to obtain a package and went to do so. The day came for them to complete the mission. They completed it but in the process apprehended the suspect that LAPD was looking to arrest.

Back in action

The Fast and Furious 4

After Paul Walker and Vin Diesel took a break from the cast they rejoined for the fourth film in the Series as Brian and Dominic. In this film, Dominic is found relaxing in Panama City. He finds out that his girlfriend played by Michelle Ortiz has been murdered back home so Dominic goes back and does his own investigation. During his investigation, he went to an apartment complex. Coincidentally the complex is the hangout of a big drug lord drug lord named Arturo Braga played by John Ortiz that was at large in L.A and Brian was on assignment to find him and arrest him. While on assignment he ran into an old friend. It was Dominic Toretto. Dominic was investigating Letty's murder and finds out that Brian was in contact with Letty. Dominic then attacks Brian. While they are in a brawl that drug lord, they were looking for runs out. He is later found in Mexico. Brian and Dominic go get him. They got him and proceeded to get back to America. In a battle to get to American soil, they battle Braga's men. Together, they kill the men. The police meet them at the border and Brian tells Dominic to run like he did the first one and Dominic refused to do it. In response, Dominic was arrested and booked to go to prison. Brian permanently resigns from the FBI for good and joins the fast and furious team.

The end

Fast 5

While Dominic (Vin Diesel) is on the bus heading to the prison, Brian (Paul Walker) and Dominic Toretto's sister Mia played by Jordana Brewster intercepts the bus he is traveling on in an attempt to break Dominic loose. They do just that. They then go out of the country. Meanwhile, their friend Vince played by Matt Schulze was on a job to steal three cars from a train. Turns out that the cars they were stealing were also in U.S custody and two agents were on the train. The agents were from the United States D.E.A (Drug Enforcement Agency). Vince wanted the three cars, but truthfully, it was one valuable one and why was not yet figured out. That was the car that Dominic Toretto wanted. When he arrived he made sure to get it but they needed a strategy. That is where Brian (Walker) came in. Because of Brian and Domic's quick thinking, they stole the car but that car is in the custody of someone else and the biggest drug lord/business man in Rio named Hernan Reyes played by Joaquim de Almeida, was angry. Reyes wanted the cars and that one in specific and held Brian and Toretto captive to try to get it but that did not last long. They escaped and decided to examine the car. Examined it and found out the reason Reyes wanted the car. It held the key to Reyes empire and Brian and Dominic went after it. They Steal Reyes empire and lives a lavish lifestyle.

Fast 6

Their lavish lifestyles briefly separated them outside of the united states. They were all over the world but connected as well. They connect and regroup in London for a mission that will clear their records. They will be able to go back to the states if they complete it. Their mission was for them find drug lord named Owen Shaw played by Luke Evans. The reason for the mission was not to only capture Shaw but to rescue a long lost friend they all thought was gone. It was Letty played by Michelle Ortiz. They began the pursuit. In pursuit of Shaw, Brian(Paul Walker) goes back to L.A. He went to get some news from a guy he put in jail so he does something to get arrested.The guy is Arturo Braga played by John Ortiz. Brian wanted to question him. After questioning him, he went on his way and returned to his team in London. The news Brian obtained only helped Dominic apprehend Letty. While they Apprehended Letty, Shaw's guys kidnapped Mia played by Jordana Brewster but it was brief. Brian got her too. Together, they all took down Shaw.

Fast 7

They were home with their families, Letty was back with Dominic Terretto (Diesel) and Brian (Paul Walker) was enjoying fatherhood and his second child was on the way. They were set by being with their families. At least they thought they were. They meet Owen Shaw's angry brother Deckard Shaw played by Jason Statham. He is angry because his brother is in the hospital and he knows someone put him there. He then finds out who it was. He sends an explosive package to Dominic's home and tells Brian that he and Dominic are about to see who he is. He almost killed Brian's and Dominic's family so they went after him. The pursuit really heated up. Brian makes a promise to deal with Shaw and fully dedicate himself to his family and that he did. He captured Shaw like he promised.

The fall

On November 30, 2013, the world lost one of the faces of the fast and furious series in a single car collision during the production of that seventh film. This film was not the only film in production. The movie Hours (2013) and Brick Mansions (2014) were as well. His unexpected death touched the nation. He completed the movie Hours (2013 and Brick Mansions(2014) but he did not complete the film Fast 7(2015), but his brother did in his place. Rest in Peace, Paul Walker.


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