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Scary Disney: Snow White and the Terrifying Queen

Updated on October 13, 2018

Evil Step-Mother

Once upon a time a sweet innocent, naive, young girl lived with her vain, wicked, self-centred, jealous step-mother. And jealous of Snow White she was. The Queen was cruel enough to want her own child killed just because a talking mirror told her she wasn't the fairest in all the land. What a woman.

The 1933 Walt Disney version has at least four scenes enough to scar young children for life. The first is the beginning where the Queen walks up to her magic mirror to ask who the fairest of them all is. She hears the answer she wants, and walks off happily. I remember watching this with my sister when I was little and her entrance made me jump behind the sofa never wanting to watch it again, years later I managed to watch the whole thing and I still do this day find some parts of it quite frightening to watch. The music and sound effects definitely play their part right making the scene dramatic and intense for its audiences. But younger children may find this a little to scary and may run away from the screen, just like I did. This may sound a little sad, but the fire and the lightening really put me off wanting to watch the rest of it when I was young.

Asking to Murder

Later on the Queen comes back and asks again who the fairest of them all is, this time it's not her, its Snow White. So she decides to take drastic measures and sends out her huntsman to kill her and cut her heart from her body and put it in a box. This woman clearly has issues. Yes it plays a bit part in the tale of Snow White, but it seems quite deep for a childrens movie, don't cha think?

The Forest

When Snow White finds out that her step-mother wants her dead from the huntsman, she runs away. Which also gets a little dark.. The music and sound effects become more intense and dramatic and poor Snow White thinks that the trees with faces are going to kill her. Gladly for her, the creepy eyes glaring at her throughout the scene are just animals wanting to help her with her housework later on in the film. If this never gave you nightmares as a child, I can't imagine what did.

Snow White in the forest


Everything is all fine and well up until the Queen finds out Snow White is still alive, she storms off to her dungeon cursing to herself and transforms herself into an old peddler woman. This scene again is quite scary for its younger audiences who might remember it for years to come. What gets me about this is the crows reaction to it, that really does show what kind of woman she is, a crazed insane woman who clearly has vanity issues. Note, 2.19 in the video for the reaction. Talk about your dramatics!

Queen transforms into an old woman.

The End

It appears the scene where the Queen, now old woman, being chased by the dwarves and animals to her death is the most satisfying part of the film. Even the vultures who came to watch were pleased to see her go. It ends with a kiss and Snow White and her Prince live happily ever after. As did the original Grimms tale version. However, you would probably want your child knowing the Disney version of this and not the Grimms tale. The Queen may have got her comeuppance with dancing in red hot iron shoes in her death, but I guess Walt went with a lighter ending of her falling of a rock, which seems a little more innocent. Thank God for the happy ending for Snow White.

The Queens Death

Snow White

The Evil Queen is Lady Evil


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    • poppyr profile image


      10 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      The queen is indeed a very evil character. She ranked number one on my article about evil women in Disney. The eyes and skeletal hands in the forest are terrifying, for sure. I'm sure they wouldn't get away with it if they made the same movie today! Great article :)


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