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War Room: Movie Review (Spoiler Alert!)

Updated on November 8, 2015

The Warring Family

I recently saw the movie ”War Room” in a movie theater. This insightful movie is produced and directed by the Kendrick Brothers, Stephen and Alex Kendrick, who also have roles in this movie. Alex is also the star in the movies: “Courageous”, "Facing the Giants", and “Flywheel “ which this company produced as well. War Room delineates the story of the Jordan family, which includes a husband and wife, and their young daughter. It reveals a marriage seemingly successful from the outside, but in reality, is falling apart.

Miss Clara & Elizabeth


Miss Clara, Elizabeth, & the War Room

The mother, Elizabeth, is a successful realtor. She obtains a client named Miss Clara who has a deeper meaning than what is initially perceived. Miss Clara becomes a thoughtful mentor and amazing friend who encourages Elizabeth to seek assistance from God. Additionally, she challenges Elizabeth to pray even for those who persecute her, such as her husband. She shows Elizabeth her favorite room in her house. It is her closet—her war room. It is where she does her fighting through prayer.This inspires Elizabeth to create her own war room which she uses to fervently pray for God’s forgiveness, guidance, healing, peace, and intervention.


Miss Clara’s Prayers

In the meantime, she finds out that Miss Clara had been praying, asking God to send her someone with whom she could impart her prayer and war room experience. Miss Clara felt that her soldier husband put the military first before her; therefore, she was able to relate to Elizabeth because she herself had gone through difficult times in her own marriage.


Tony Jordan

The father, Tony, is a salesman for a prestigious company. He becomes corrupt, almost cheats on his wife, and steals the company’s merchandise in order to sell it under the table for his individual gain without the company’s knowledge or consent.

Elizabeth prays for him and asks God to heal their marriage. He discovers her war room and is so humbled by this that he asks God for His forgiveness. As the family prays together, it strengthens their bond.


Tony eventually gets fired from his job, and regardless of fear of prosecution, he does the right thing by taking the stolen merchandise back to his previous employers. One of his employers asks him to pay back the money, but does not press charges irrespective of his co-partner’s aggressive disposition. Tony eventually helps his former aggressive boss by changing his tire on the side of the road. His daughter asks him why he does that, and he responds that he would want people to treat him that way.


Daughter Danielle

The adorable daughter Danielle is a passionate double dutch participant, and her father initially discourages her pursuit. However, toward the end of the movie, God changes his heart after he surrenders, and he practices and even participates on the same team as his daughter in a double dutch competition.

Power of Prayer

It is necessary that we surrender by allowing God to be our defense, and cast the devil away from our lives. Prayer is the ultimate fight against evil. This movie helps people to have a positive perspective of powerful prayer.


Everyone Needs God

Individuals, as well as societies, are constantly under satan’s attack. There is a consistently threatening war occurring. It is a battlefield of the heart, mind, and spirit because satan wants to unjustly steal souls which belong to God, our Omnipotent Creator. The devil has many arrogant and subtle ways of intruding and infiltrating our lives. It seeks our weaknesses, and preys upon our fears. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to have a steady relationship with God in addition to a stable prayer life. The power of prayer is evident in the lives of those who pray, as well as those who are prayed for. We need God to help us tenaciously tread the treacherously dangerous waters of life. We ask His assistance so as to banish the dark shadows and lurking strangers of our doubts, fears, and nightmares.

God is Faithful

God clearly demonstrates His Faithfulness and loyalty to those who seek and follow Him.

This movie overflows with inspiration, profound truth, and hilarious humor. It is definitely worth seeing. Its message supporting the power of prayer can have an absolutely positive affect on everyone who heeds God’s calling. In itself, this is a significantly motivating, conservative, family-friendly, and well directed movie. It is thought-provoking, and promotes God’s amazing Faithfulness.


War Room- the movie



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    • ClaireKelley profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      RonElFran, thanks for the great comment! I agree that War Room is inspirational and encouraging, too. It is truthful, which is probably why many Christians support it, and seculars repudiate its significance. God and Prayer are powerful!

    • RonElFran profile image

      Ronald E Franklin 

      3 years ago from Mechanicsburg, PA

      I don't often go to movies any more, but I took my wife to see this one. I'm glad I did. We found it very encouraging, and entertaining to boot. Secular reviewers seem to hate it, but most Christians who see it come away having enjoyed it very much.


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