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Warcraft (2016) The Movie : Behind The scenes

Updated on June 28, 2016


Warcraft The Movie

Warcraft the movie is being released ten years after they announced, publicly, that it was going to be made. It was going to be released in December 2015, but it would've coincided with the release of Star Wars : The Force Awakens. It is directed by Duncan Jones, son of David Bowie. It's based on the video game Warcraft : Orcs And Humans, a real time strategy (RTS) game, originally released in 1994. Here's what the director and the cast have to say about this action-packed movie.


Duncan Jones : Director

I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying that Fel is powered by using life as a fuel for it. A number of them are being used as fuel for Gul'dan to use the portal to leave Draenor and come to Azeroth. But they are pretty much restricted to the very start of the movie and it's more about their place in Draenor. We are going to end up spending most of the film in Azeroth.

Obviously, our film is Warcraft and not World of Warcraft and in Orcs and Humans, which was the first RTS, the focus was pretty exclusively on Orcs and Humans and those two races.

People who have seen the film who know nothing about Warcraft do understand the movie on their level. If you look at Pixar movies. They make movies for kids and also the parents to enjoy on two different levels. This is the same kind of deal.


Travis Fimmel : Sir Anduin Lothar

Lothar is the commander of the military for the humans. He's also got his flaws and he's torn between the duty of being a commander at the expense of this family. It's that choice between doing what's right for your family or doing what's right for the whole race.

There's a humorous relationship with him and the young rookie mage, Khadgar.

Lothar has certainly got a lot of sexual chemistry with Garona, who's half Orc. She explains to Lothar that there's bad Orcs and there's good Orcs and that we should trust, and work alongside with them.

We had swords that were three times as big as a normal sword. So we had pre-production training.

Duncan Jones

Travis is a really charismatic and exciting actor to work with. Absolutely just a natural leading man.


Paula Patton : Garona

I think that she comes from a world where she's had to protect herself and that allowed her to show her vulnerability. She's a survivor and she's smaller than everyone and accepts that she's half Orc and half Human. Then she comes in this human world and it's as if her skin softens and, to her heart, she finds herself drawn and falling in love with Lothar, there's tender moments there.

I never felt like Garona until I had my hair, my tattoo and especially my teeth, my tusks. I put them on and all of a sudden I start to walk like Garona and I feel like Garona. The physical preparation. It was a very daunting task. It was two and a half hours of physical training six days a week. Then we added two hours of stunt training. That's when I learned sword training, knives and sticks. It's like any kids dream.


Ben Scnetzer : Khadgar

The whole creative team was very diligent about being faithful to the mythology of the game. I mean, why wouldn't you be? It's rich and it's textured. It's an amazing world in which to dive into. I was surprised at how many parallels and similarities there were.

Khadgar is a young wizard and he's got a really powerful journey throughout this film. Khadgar is a real academic and a real student when the film first kicks off. He's in training to be the next guardian and the guardians responsibility is to protect the realm of Azeroth. Lothar and Khadgar form a very unlikely partnership. Taking Khadgar from out of a student world into the real world, where it's dangerous.

We all had extensive discussions about what role magic plays in the film and really broke down the mechanics of it.


Toby Kebbell : Durotan

The weapons were all real. What they were carrying around, I didn't envy them at all. Sometimes it was a little cold in Vancouver. She's (Paula Patton) very scantily clad and I felt for her. I'm like, "I am freezing!", but then Paula would walk on set and I'm like, "Alright I'm warm!".


Daniel Wu : Gul'dan

I play Gul'dan. He is a warlock Orc who practices evil magic. It makes him, kind of, the most evil Orc there is. Gul'dan thinks that magic is what they need to ensure the survival of their species.

I have a special relationship with Warcraft because my wife plays. We had a baby last year and I promised my wife I'd take a year off work. Then, in November, I get a call to do in audition, so I'll tell her about it. She says, "You can't do it." Then I say it's from Warcraft and she's like, "Oh, then you really have to do it!"


Robert Kazinsky : Orgrim Doomhammer

Why do video game movies historically suck? I mean they do, yeah. No one's going to argue about Mario Brothers.

Orgrim doomhammer is a big bad Orc. Durotans best friend and longest serving confidant. A great great warrior. Orgrim isn't a xenophobe, but he cannot countenance choosing humans over Orcs. Orcs come first.

It was the opportunity to do an origin story for the universe. It's about introducing the very beginning, this crossover and telling a great story about that. It's about introducing you to this world that you already love and you're familiar with. So that it feels like home, not just to you but to everybody else who hasn't played this game.

King Llane Wrynn

Dominic Cooper : King Llane Wrynn

Some of the hardest parts in the movie, for me, was getting on the horse in that armour. Certainly getting off it and looking slick, yeah. The armour was very very heavy, but incredibly made for the size of it. It was....maneuverable.

You know quite clearly the fans who've been playing it for so many years, who are so immersed in it. I don't think there's anything I could possibly reveal about the character that they don't already know.


Ben Foster : Medivh

What's unusual about this is that even in war films, you're going to choose a side to root for. Duncan's great magic trick with this particular material is humanizing both sides. It's a very humanist approach and I appreciate that.

Duncan Jones

I wanted to make a film which works and stood alone in its own right. I think that what makes it work is that it is a war movie that tells a story of conflict on both sides.

Warcraft The Movie Trailer


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