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"Warm Bodies" is the Most Romantic Zombie Movie

Updated on June 16, 2017
A 2013 paranormal romantic movie based on Isaac Marion's novel of the same name. Warm Bodies is directed and written by Jonathan Levine.
A 2013 paranormal romantic movie based on Isaac Marion's novel of the same name. Warm Bodies is directed and written by Jonathan Levine.


R (Nicholas Hoult) is a zombie feeling hopeless of his everyday routine at the airport, wandering around and preying on human's brains. His zombie buddy named M and the rest of the zombies do not pass a chance in killing people who come across their area. Julie (Teresa Palmer) and her group of friends volunteer to get medical supplies and unfortunately crosses path with a pack of zombies. They fight for their lives as the zombies attack them and R gets shot by Julie's boyfriend, Perry (Dave Franco). R retaliates by taking him down then crack opens his head to get his brains. He eats a chunk but saves some by putting them in his pocket. Julie's friend Nora (Analeigh Tipton) finds a way to hide while Julie starts shooting her gun at the zombies. R notices Julie but instead of attacking her, his world goes in slow motion as his heart starts beating out of being mesmerized. He gets instantly attracted to Julie. R walks towards a completely frightened Julie who thinks that it is the end of her life but then instead of eating her, he wipes her with a thick black deteriorated blood and escorts her out without the zombies sensing her human flesh. They reach an abandoned airplane and Julie, who is still frightened asks him, "What are you?" with confusion at the back of her mind because she was just rescued by a scary-looking zombie. R couldn't talk so his responses were through grunts, mumbles and broken words, hardly completing a sentence. They hide in the airplane for days listening to LP records and playing games but Julie tells R that she needs to go home. R tells her that it isn't safe though he really just wants to delay things because he wants to spend more time with her. Julie gets worried that she's been hiding for too long so she tries to escape. She attracts swarms of zombies but R rescues her just in time and when there was no escape from the other zombies, R shows M that he cares for her by holding her hand. M gets confused at the sight, along with the other zombies. R and Julie finally escapes through an awesome car and spends the night at an abandoned house. While Julie tells R about her boyfriend, he suddenly feels guilty so he hands her something that Perry owns --- his watch. Julie feels bad that he had killed him so she goes home alone while R is surprisingly asleep. Julie reaches the human enclave and hugs her dad who is relieved that she is still alive. She tells Nora about R. R who was left alone wakes up without Julie and goes back to his home with the other zombies though he is heartbroken. He is welcomed with open arms by M and he tells them that he slept and was able to dream. They all react with a pinch of hope as they also show R that they are starting to change. R and the rest of the zombies realize that they can still turn back to being human.

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What Makes It Interesting?

I can still vividly remember when I watched this film at the cinema because it was just right after my birthday when I couldn't celebrate. My dad just passed away. I was wandering in the mall, not knowing what to do and I had no expression on my face. I looked clueless and I haven't smiled for what seemed like years. I was still mourning though I wanted to do something to keep myself sane and alive. With no intention to watch a movie, I got sidetracked to a Warm Bodies poster and saw that it was showing that day. Since I wasn't feeling any good, I just went ahead and watched it alone without any idea of what it was about. As I watched, my sleeping mind was awakened by Nicholas Hoult's voice as he narrated his character as a zombie. That was the very first movie narration that has captivated me.

Warm Bodies is a movie that gave me much fascination because I haven't seen any zombie movie that tackles a zombie's lifeless existence and how hopeless they are to not have control of what they are bound to do. They prey on humans and eat their brains because it is how they are and they will completely die if they don't fend their hunger. Like humans, they just want to live though ironically they are actually dead. They didn't want to get infected with plague but they had such an unfortunate fate. The movie is something that anyone who feel hopeless in life should watch because it shows that even a hopeless zombie still has hope, and even the world's apocalypse can be overcome. What is mostly interesting in the movie is that the end of the world has changed with just one zombie who's heart started beating and found his love. It feels cheesy as I write this but it's an underlying fact that love gives life to everything.

Nicholas Hoult was unusually impressive as a zombie and I couldn't imagine how he had pulled off that run. It must've been hard to run as a zombie! Teresa Palmer's acting was also amazing. It might've been the very first time I saw her and she was too gorgeous that it almost felt like I was more attracted to her than Nicholas.

When I watched Warm Bodies in 2013, I told myself that it is the best zombie movie of all time. If I hadn't watched Train to Busan last year, it might've still been the best zombie movie ever but then of course, Gong Yoo topped Nicholas Hoult and Train to Busan topped Warm Bodies.

I'd say that this movie doesn't even need a review because it has grossed $50.6 million worldwide and it was certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes with an approval rating of 80%. These were proof enough that the film was worth watching. Writing about it just brings back the memories during that day because it gave me hope to keep on living during the time that I wanted so much to give up. It also diverted my endless mourning by finally accepting that my dad's death isn't the end of everything. It wasn't a dramatic movie to have that much impact on people and what they're going through but the message I got from the movie really was to keep on going because even the most hopeless case can still find hope.

Warm Bodies [DVD + Digital]


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