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Warner Bros - Warner Brothers Cartoons

Updated on May 11, 2011

The Coolest Warner Bros Cartoons

OK guys, so here it 200th hub and I haven't been well all week so I decided to talk about Warner Brothers cartoon characters to cheer me up and including cool Warner Brothers pictures to talk about isn't to strenuous on ill little old me!

One of my favourite all time Warner Brothers cartoon characters was Daffy Duck and that is why I included him first out of the nine images I have included. Daffy is cool because he doesn't look all 'cutesy' like for example, Porky pig, and he also talks with a smooth lisp which makes he sound quite cunning. He is often paired with Elmer Fudd, a disgruntled hunter that enjoyed shooting his bill off, Daffy was also a rival to Bugs Bunny because of he was the star so he would often lead Elmer to Bugs instead.

Photo courtesy of timparkinson

Warner Bros Cartoons

Secondly I chose the slightly newer 'Animaniacs' cartoon, these guys often get called the Warner Brothers because the live in the Warner Brothers Water tower, however their individual names are Yakko, Wakko and Dot the girl. Other parts of the show included 2 characters called Pinky and the Brain who were two laboratory rats, one was stupid and the other wanted to take over world at night time and he would make inventions.

Photo courtesy of slgc

Warner Bros

Marvin the Martian wasn't your typical mental image of an alien and this is what made him so unique like many other Warner Bros characters and for some reason part of his costume consisted of of a centurion helmet! He also had a peculiar voice which was creepy when he chased after anyone who landed on his planet!

Photo courtesy of wheany

Warner Brothers Cartoons

Everyone remembers the Road Runner for his famous 'Meep Meep' noise he would make to taunt Wile E Coyote, I also love the way he would repeat the noise and his head would poke through the Warner Brothers logo at the end credits!

Photo courtesy of pinkmoose

Photo courtesy of hugo90

Warner Brothers Studios

I couldn't find an official Warner Brothers cartoon picture of WIle E Coyote that was not copyrighted so I included this artistic representation, it is that famous scene where Wile is chasing the Road Runner into the false tunnel he painted on a wall in advance! Poor old Wile always suffered because if it wasn't walls he was splatting into it was giant boulders falling on him.

Photo courtesy of jburka

Warner Brother

Another under-rated Warner Brother cartoon character was Speedy Gonzales, most people don't know how to spell his name but always remember his catchphrase 'Andale! Andale! Arriba!, Arriba! which translates as 'Hurry! Hurry! go now!' and this was very suitable since he was the fastest mouse in Mexico!

Photo courtesy of toasty

Warner Brothers UK

Second behind Speedy Gonzales as the fastest Warner Brothers cartoon character is the Tazmanian Devil or 'Taz', renowned for his short temper and because of his dim witted persona. Taz would eat anything in sight and was modelled upon the real life marsupial dog sized animal that lives on the Australian island of Tazmania.

Photo courtesy of tazdon

Sylvester the Cat from Warner Brothers

Sylvester the Cat is probably one of the more famous characters because of the Warner Brothers cartoon 'Sylvester and Tweety' but is not to be mistaken with Tom and Jerry which was originally tied to Disney's silly symphonies but is owned by Time Warner today.

Sylvester is loved because he was always getting hurt by a mean looking Pit-ball dog for trying to eat Tweety Pie the yellow canary from her cage. He spoke with a lisp and his bizarre catchphrases included 'You are Desthpicable!!' (dericted at the Dog) or 'Sufferin Succotash' which he would say when he was in trouble.

Photo courtesy of andrewbain

Warner Brothers Cinema

Tweety Pie the yellow bird that Sylvester was always trying to get his paws on has been featured in the Warner Brother 'Space Jam' movie and even as part of a Banksy art exhibition. Tweety would often lose a feather or two when being attacked by the cat and his lines usually consisted of 'I tawt I twaw a putty cat' or 'bad ol' putty cat'.

I decided to end the hub with the sad picture of Tweety because that how I feel with the Google Algo change effect nearly a 1/3 of my earnings, hopefully the video embedded below where Wile E Coyote catches the Road Runner will cheer you up!

Photo courtesy of markhillary


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