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Was Kim Kardashian's "Flour Bombing" a Hoax?

Updated on March 23, 2012

By now, most of America has heard about the girl who "Flour Bombed" the infamous Kim Kardashian. Was this an attack from a mentally disturbed Chris Humphries fan, or a crazy publicity stunt planned by Kim herself?

There are many reasons to believe that the Flour Bombing was planned to help Kim get attention.

  1. First of all, her popularity has been sliding downhill for the last few months. Basically, people don't like her. She was even named the most ill-mannered person of 2011! And lately, the circle of attention that seems to surround the Kardashians has been opening and letting other non-talented celebrities inside. Kim needed some kind of hoax to bring the attention back to herself, especially since she's now promoting her new fragrance, True Reflection.
  2. Kim isn't pressing any charges against her supposed "attacker". Some petty police charge got filed, but the woman was released a few hours later. Her name hasn't even been released! There has been some speculation that the Kardashians hired an illegal immigrant to throw the flour, but this could just be based on the fact that the unnamed woman looks Hispanic or Asian.
  3. Sources say that the woman who threw the flour was either a crazed Chris Humphries fan who wanted revenge for their divorce, or a radical animal-rights activist trying to attack Kim for her lack of anti-fur support. These are two possibilities, however... A crush on Humphries? Even if the girl wanted Kim's sloppy seconds, how would this improve her chances? Remember, she probably expected Kim to press numerous charges that could have sent her to jail for years. PETA denies any involvement with the unidentified woman, and flour isn't exactly a powerful weapon in the fight for chinchillas.
  4. The biggest reason I find the Flour Bombing fake is the lack of surprise that Ms. Kardashian showed, even at the moment it happened. She dusted herself off and resumed her spotlight a few minutes later. She even made jokes later, comparing the baking flour to the lack of make-up powder that her stylist used. REALLY? I hate to sound rude, but Kim isn't the cleverest hamster in the cage. How long did it take her to think up that one?

Kim's attacker, or an innocent woman hired for a stupid publicity stunt?
Kim's attacker, or an innocent woman hired for a stupid publicity stunt?

Was the Kim Kardashian "Flour Bombing" incident a hoax?

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Let me make it clear that I don't know whether or not the Flour Bomb was real. There are some pretty disturbed people on the streets these days. But there are too many coincidences to just accept this incident as fact.

I also don't really care.


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    • profile image


      6 years ago

      hoax for sure !!! amazingly, she got all cleaned up, hair, clothes, etc. someone was expecting the whole thing. just another kardashian media whore incident


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