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Was NXT Takeover Chicago Glorious?

Updated on May 21, 2017
Bobby Roode v Hideo Itami. Image: WWE
Bobby Roode v Hideo Itami. Image: WWE

Hideo Itami has been on the sidelines of WWE's future star brand NXT for seven months after suffering a neck injury in October 2015. This will be Bobby Roode's second NXT title defence since becoming the champion on January 28 defeating Shinske Nakamura. Can this title match make NXT Takeover Chicago Glorious just like Bobby Roode's gimmick?. We will see.

The opening package plays on Chicago being a city of champions and Bobby says he is "The Best Champion of them ALL!". It is a bigger than average NXT crowd and very vocal like your usual Chicago crowd. Great to see Nigel McGuiness in WWE.

Eric Young v Roderick Strong

Sanity recieve a huge reaction for a heel group. Roderick also gets a strong reaction and makes a suprise appearance instead of coming through the entrance way helping him to "take out" the other members of Sanity.

A quick pace to start which soon slows down quickly. Both men try slapping on sleeper holds. Young stretches out Strong's neck from the top rope in a painful looking hold. Eric is slowly getting the upper hand and Roderick plays this well slobbering and looking dazed. Nigel remarks on commentary that Alexander Wolfe reminds him of the missing link!.

Strong makes a comeback with a knee and a back slam. Eric hits his finisher outside the ring. Young hits a Macho Man like elbow from the tope rope but Strong kicks out. "Let's Go Roddy" chants from the crowd. A huge knee sends Young plummeting out of the ring. Roderick hits a Backbreaker for the win. Nice free flowing match with plenty of stiff knee's and punches.

Asuka and her opponent Nikki Cross are shown backstage.

Tyler Bate v Pete Dunne for the UK Championship

Jim Ross is announced as Special Guest Commentator for this match to a huge reception. Pete has some fans in the crowd. Tyler Bate could be confused with Gentleman Jack Gallagher. Both wrestlers trade technical holds at the start of the match. Pete Dunne is a tremendous heel for a smaller 'pretty boy' like performer. Dunne twists Tyler's fingers.

The same formula continues of technical wrestling followed by finger twisting. An Exploder followed by European upper cut gives Bate the advantage. "This is Awesome" chants indicate the crowd is enjoying this. Crazy Aeroplane Spins from Tyler make both men dizzy. The Champion barely kicks out of a Power Bomb sending the crowd into a frenzy. "UK" Chants.

Back and forth moves at a quick pace make you realize that this is an above average match up. DDT from Bate can't put Pete down. Bate goes over the tope rope and takes a hard bump to the neck. Dunne capitalize's and hits his finisher for the win and becomes the new UK Champion. Amazing match from these two Englishmen.

No "CM Punk" chants in Chicago yet!. Suprising. Bobby Roode is shown backstage.

Asuka v Ruby Riot v Nikki Cross for the NXT Woman's Title

Nigel refers to Nikki as a 'Bunny Boiler!'. The "Asuka is gonna kill you" chants just feel wierd now that Samoa Joe is in WWE. Injured Ember Moon is shown looking on. All three women do the 'Crazy' gimmick and unhinged facial expressions REALLY well. Mostly high impact early until a Hurricanrana from Ruby. Big Back Slam from the tope rope from Riot on Asuka, then the champ nearly snaps her neck with a german suplex. She then does the same to Riot. A Body Scissors countered by a Cross Body from the top with every girl involved.

Pele Kick from Ruby to Nikki but instantly Asuka hits her own Knee to the head of Riot to get the pin on both women for the victory to retain the Championship.

Asuka Retains Her Title. Photo: WWE
Asuka Retains Her Title. Photo: WWE

Bobby Roode v Hideo Itami for the NXT Championship

We are reminded in the package that before his current injury Hideo was out for a Year and 3 months after a dislocated shoulder. A majority of the last 3 years he has spent on the sidelines. Bobby Roode has a small piano introduction before his 'Glorious' Entrance Theme hits. He has been blessed with one of the greatest entrances ever, something TNA Wrestling could never provide him.

Suprisingly the receptions for both men are about even. Bobby plays to the crowd early and nearly cops the GTS to the delight of the crowd. The match turns into a Chop-A-Thon. A flurry of Punches and Kicks begin the next chapter of the match and Bobby uses the ring ropes as weapons, snapping them into Itami's face.

Hideo lays a powerful kick to Roode's face knocking the spit out of him. Hideo gets the first few near falls. The Glorious One does alot of screaming and selling pain to the amusement of the front row of the crowd. Roode hits a Scintillating Spine Buster. Roode is selling a left shoulder injury. Hideo then starts selling a knee injury after colliding with the ring steps.

Hideo gets another pop from the crowd when he goes for the GTS but his "injured" knee collapses. Bobby Roode hits the DDT but Hideo kicks out. Itami finally hits the GTS, The crowd goes wild but Bobby roles out of the ring so there is no pin. One more GTS gets countered lucky for Roode. Hideo then tries again but Roode counters into a Glorious DDT. He immediately hits another Glorious Implant DDT for the 1...2...3. Roode retains the NXT Title. This was a great match with a fantastic finish, Although these two have a better match in them and it's highly likely this rivalry is not over.

Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy are thanked for the use of their song 'Judas' tonight.

Kevin Owens is shown in the crowd as is Kassius Ohno, Sami Zayn and Pat Patterson sitting seperately from Owens.

Pete Dunne is the New UK Champion. Photo: WWE
Pete Dunne is the New UK Champion. Photo: WWE

Authors of Pain v DIY in a Ladder Match for the NXT Tag Team Championships

DIY get a huge babyface reaction. They are much smaller than the huge Authors but they manage to forearm them out of the ring and go looking for the ladders. Johnny Gargano hits a Cannonball early on as well as a Suicide Dive. It doesn't take long before the ladders are used as weapons.

The Authors of Pain soon get the upper hand while McGuiness on commentary recommend's putting Grandma to bed because "This ain't gonna be pretty!". The crowd chants "they want tables". DIY set up the ladders and and place their opponents on top. They then hit extreme splashes on them as Johnny takes a hell of a bump on the floor. WWE Veteran Paul Ellering stops Gargano from winning the match and gets a punch to the mouth for his troubles. Johnny takes a very realistic ladder shot to the face.

Rezar smashes Tommaso Ciampa through a ladder that is clearly made out of wood. The crowd is fully behind DIY. Authors of Pain hit the Super Collider to finish off the crowd favourites and retain the championships. A good Ladder Match but not a classic.

As DIY get a standing ovation at the top of the ramp Ciampa turns on his Tag Team Partner Johnny slamming him into the Titantron. He hits him with fists and a big knee. He then throws his Tag Team Partner (probably ex-tag team partner) off the stage into some tables. This added some spice to the ending of the show.

And still no "CM Punk" Chants in Chicago!.

So NXT Takeover Chicago was Glorious at times but overall it was only pretty good.

Bobby Roode is still the NXT Champion. Photo: WWE
Bobby Roode is still the NXT Champion. Photo: WWE
3 stars for NXT Takeover Chicago

Do you think Tommaso Ciampa should have turned on Johnny Gargano?

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