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Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

Updated on July 4, 2014

Anime Subbed vs. Dubbed


The Difference Between Subbed and Dubbed Anime

There are two different methods of watching foreign shows and movies. Subbed and dubbed versions mean the difference between a subtitled anime and a voice-over.

While this is the simplest explanation between the two types of translated anime, the differences sometimes go deeper than just that. In some case, a show may have different explanations and events to help the translated show go smoothly. Voice-overs may use different words in English than the literal translation to help improve flow of conversation and appease the ear of the translated language.

Where to Find Subbed Anime

My favorite place to find subbed anime is Sometimes, it can be a bit annoying because of adds, but you can still watch for free. They do have the option of sunscribing to Crunchyroll and paying a monthly fee of 6.95/mo but I find it just as easy to watch the repetitive short commercials.

The only downside to Crunchyroll is the fact that there are no dubbed anime on the site.


Subbed vs. Dubbed

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Where to Find Dubbed Anime

Dubbed anime is sometimes difficult to find, mainly because there are a lot of lower end translations and voice-over done. I have had my fair share of searching for a specific anime to finish after finding the professionally dubbed version on the likes of Hulu or Netflix. is one of the few places I have found with a decent amount of shows and fairly consistent dubbed versions of anime.

In some cases, such as that of the widely known anime Fairy Tail, a professionally dubbed version is available for the first half of the show. At one point, the voices change and it throws you off quite a bit. The story however stays the same, and while some name pronunciations have changed, you can follow along fairly well.

Anime Similar To...

Often, I find myself wondering what to watch next after an anime ends. Recommendations from friends and blogs is all good and dandy, but sometimes you want to find a specific genre or type of anime. I personally am not well acquainted with the sub genres of anime, and I tend to like looking for anime lists of people who enjoy the same types of animes as me.

One such site,, allows you to do just that! Simply type in the anime you recently finished that was you would like to see similar anime of and it will give you not only details and reviews of the anime, but recommendations for your next watch as well.


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