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Watching Flight

Updated on May 1, 2013

Now flying a plane can be very difficult and that goes even for the good captains who are well experienced. When flying a plane one has to know what they are doing and most important of all whoever has to drive a plane must be sober because they have to take care of all the people in the plan. The movie Flight is about a pilot who lands a plane after there are some complications.

The movie starts out with the Captain of the plane, Whip Whitaker (Denzel Washington), he seems to be drinking and taking some of cocaine. Walking to the airport he goes into the plane and starts to get it ready for the departure. In the middle of the flight, there is some problems and Captain Whip Whitaker is able to get the plane onto a field with some people injured and some who died. Whip gets out with some injuries and is praised as a hero because not many captains can land a plane like he did.

Over the course of days, they start to investigate what happened to make the plane crash. Whip at first throws out all of his alcohol down the drain because he has determined not to drink after what happened on the plane. But after meeting with an attorney, he was told that they did a blood test on the crew and he turned out positive on having been under the influence of alcohol.

After a while, Whip starts to drink again and this is kind of dangerous because he is going be questioned about what happened. Will his drinking affect him when it comes to finding out what happened on that day when the plane crashed? This movie may not be about guns and blood but it does keep ones attention about how life is and how something that happened can really stay in ones head until the end making that one person realize what is the correct thing to do. If you haven't seen this movie at all, it is worth seeing even though now it is on DVD.


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