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Watching Straw Dogs the Original

Updated on June 29, 2013

Dustin Hoffman and Susan George below today

Dustin Hoffman and girlfriend
Dustin Hoffman and girlfriend | Source
Susan George actress today
Susan George actress today | Source

Review Part 1

I had heard of this a long time ago for the first movie and I did not want to see it. It sounded like a lot of violence and it would not be good for me to watch. I hate things where they just drawn out just to show something is happening and to get a reaction. I became interested in the movie upon seeing that there was a remake coming out. I like Dustin Hoffman and I thought I would watch it.

I was able to later find the whole movie on the Internet on YouTube. From the first moment it had my attention and I was watching Dustin and trying to figure out what would happen next. Of course, that is all planned out with the director. I knew the director was Sam Peckinpah and he had quite a reputation for violence. I hated his the Wild Bunch.

Sam Peckinpah, back in the day, had quite a reputation for being very tough. But it is one thing to do violence just for the sake of it and another thing to tell a story. I decided that this in the end, was to make a point. I liked what the director did with the movie except for certain parts. It was something that I will remember. It ended on a good note. I thought it was a triumph for the good guys in the end.

There was a list that had movies similar to Straw Dogs. People look for movies that are similar to it. It is to get the bad guys. But I think that the hub that I did before on High Noon was really the same idea. High Noon and The Guard both are about men that are standing up to do what they think is right. I think that this movie also has the same idea. I was mad at Hoffman before because he was sheltering the guy that had low mental capacity. But it was not really that guy's fault as I thought in the beginning. He was partially to blame. It was an annoying movie in part because nothing fits together right. That is the way that life comes out sometimes. It is not all peaches and cream and as you want things to be.

The movie starts with the couple having been married a short time, going back to visit her hometown. Dustin Hoffman and Susannah York are the two stars. The actress comes walking over to them and she is not wearing a bra. So it looks as if she is trying to get attention in the neighborhood right away. Her old flame is there and he tries to talk to her again when her husband is not there. Her husband goes into the store to get cigarettes. It is not that he is afraid as some have written. He is just being polite and trying to get along with them. The customs are different there. It is an interesting contrast between the English guys there that are ill mannered and an American guy that is trying to stay cool and be at least civil about it. With some people you cannot be civil. Right away the older English guy gets in a fight with the bartender. It is set up and you see that it is going to be a problem. His wife tells him that all the chairs in the house are her daddy's chairs when he asks.

In the preview it says that he needs to take a stand for once in his life. As if all of his life he has been running away. People do try not to be in conflict. For some people and places the only thing that you can do is to fight back. I do come from a bad town in Connecticut. Hoffman is getting the idea there, in character of course. Some also do not realize that it is a character to him. Some actors just walk through the part always. I think that was a thought out character to him. The character is looking around at what is happening, putting up his guard and deciding what to do. Some of the things there he thinks are funny.

There are some disagreements with his wife. I don't think it is a bad marriage as some have said. They are just having a conflict. Sometimes it seems as if he wants to get rid of her so he can work. Dustin Hoffman was very believable in it. It was someone that had his faults. But he would stand up for what he thought was the right thing to do. It turned out well in the end. It was not just scary and a horror movie all the way throught. It was natural as more in real life would be.

Hoffman gets tricked away from the house. His wife had taken her clothes off on purpose in front of the window for the guys outside. They are trying to treat him like a patsy. He is going to fight back though. It looked to me as if she was not raped but she let her former boyfriend have her. But then he lets the other guy with him do it also and it is sickening. But she can't exactly tell her husband.

The Tor Noon Farm that was Used in the Movie


Straw Dogs Trailer

Review Part 2

It starts out when the English guys get mad and start taunting them by killing her cat. it is not a good thing to happen. It is one way people like that act. That is why it was so realistic. It is how they think. Then she sees them later in church and they stand there and she can't say anything. Later when Hoffman lets the guy they want to get hide in their house, they come to get him. They want to get the guy and are mad. They then accidentally kill the guy that came out to get them, a sheriff. They realize that will be the end of them so they have to get Hoffman.

The ironic part also is that the other guy is angry because the guy Hoffman is sheltering had been trying to kiss his daughter.They start an attack on the house. Hoffman fights back when they try to get in by breaking windows etc. There is a terrible fight that goes on and the attackers are killed. It is nerve racking. It was illuminating and a sign of the times.

I don't think I need to give you a blow by blow description of it all. You get the idea. But it was something that I could watch. I understood that it was for the movie. I think the director was trying to show how violent and bad people can be and that you need to fight back. It was certainly a good sign when it ended and the couple were together again.

The Cross and Church in the Opening Scene

| Source

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