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Watching The Sessions

Updated on March 28, 2013

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I didn't think it would be such an interesting movie. But after a friend and I decided to watch it, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, it was actually a good movie. Helen Hunt did a good job and that this movie was based on a true story was something that made it worth watching after all.

Mark O'Brien, who is a poet-journalist, is paralyzed and has to breathe with an iron lung since he was a child. Ever since he was paralyzed he has overcome many obstacles in life, he even graduated from college, but as he gets older he faces one obstacle, losing his virginity. He decides to finally go through with it along with the help of a therapist, a sex surrogate. This therapist, Cheryl (Helen Hunt) helps him lose his virginity little by little in the sessions that they have.

She did this to help him overcome this one obstacle so that way if he ever found someone to love and who would love him for who he was. As he is going through this process of therapy, he is telling everything that he goes through to the priest. He can only have up to six sessions and then they have to stop the sessions. After one night, Mark O'Brien's iron lung stops working because of the electricity going out and he has to go to the hospital where he meets someone who becomes a significant part of his life.

This movie, like I said before is based on a true story. There is much nudity in it but when you think about it, that is what most of the story was actually about. It was a good movie overall and the way it ended was sweet in a way. Mark O'Brien was happy after going through the sessions and he enjoyed what he could about life. This is one movie I would recommend to watch, if only to see how a true story became triumphant and successful.


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