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Watching YouTube videos blocked in your country

Updated on June 17, 2013

Note: this hub gives examples using YouTube on Tumblr in a Chrome browser on Windows 7. The presented solution should be applicable for any blocked media on any site, using any browser, on any OS.


You see an interesting video content on your Tumblr dashboard


However, when you try to view the video, it refuses to play in your geographical location

To get around this restriction, you'd have to (temporarily) hide your computer behind a proxy.


Go to / IP:Port proxies and search for US proxies, using these parameters


You'd get results similar to these

Note the IP address of proxies with good speed and connection time (usually these would be at the top of the list)


Now go to your browser setting.

In chrome, press the 3 lines icon on the top of the screen


Find your computer Proxy settings


Press the LAN settings button


Choose the options as in this example, and enter the IP address that you noted above (from and 8080 for the port

Press OK , and the OK again.

Go back to the blocked tumblr and reload the page.
Congratulations - now you can view the video.


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    • profile image

      Paolo 4 years ago

      If your government (or company or school) blocks youtube site, or only some videos, you can easily watch and download youtube video from this web site:

      It is easy and does not require proxy. It allows you to search quickly video on YouTube, respecting your privacy and without showing Promoted Videos, but also allows you to watch videos without beginning and without advertising banner superimposed. You can easily save videos to your PC, phone or mp3 player.

      Please share it on your facebook and your friends. Keep the freedom of internet!