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Watoto From The Nile - Letter to Lil Wayne Review

Updated on March 8, 2011

Watoto From The Nile - Letter to Lil Wayne

Ok so I saw this song and it seemed to bring me back to the period when I was really young and our teachers in school made us go for environmentalist rallies where we had to all make signs and paintings and then had to march along the streets so people could stop look at how cute we were. We did not know what we were painting. We did not know what Global Warming was.. We just did it to get out of school.

I find it to be very disturbing when people use kids to further their own social or political ambitions. This article is not about the message that this song by Watoto From The Nile is about which is to change the narrative in Hip Hop music in order to stop putting females in such a bad and degrading light. I hope I got that right and I certainly agree with the message of the song. I am no fan of Lil Wayne anyway.

This article is about using children to push a message. Now the little girls in that video are 10 years old on average. I am sorry but no 10 year old really cares about Lil Wayne's lyrics. 10 year olds care about playing, school, not getting into trouble with their parents and more playing. Kids don't pay attention to song lyrics, they listen to the rhythm and the tune.

It is very obvious that there are some older females that have coached these young girls to say what they say in the song. Watoto From The Nile has made an interesting video that was all over my youtube page so I had to watch it.

Hip Hop Will Not Change

Watoto From The Nile - Letter to Lil Wayne is targeted to one rapper. Yeah I understand that other rappers might hear it and decide to change their style. But, the music that is being produced and the lyrics especially are carefully constructed in order to sell. That's right! When someone talks about women in a degrading way in song lyrics, those songs sell big time! This is not because people hate women!

Those songs sell because they denote a lifestyle. Gang banging, drugs, pimping etc is considered a dangerous and sexy lifestyle. You cannot blame rappers for pushing these lyrics if they make money and are considered good art. Would you consider telling Martin Scorcese to stop making Mafia movies because they show people killing other people or that they show a certain ethnic group in a good/bad light? Lil Wayne has no compulsion to censor himself because of Watoto From The Nile and he won't.

So, Watoto From The Nile, please stop using kids to push a message. It is the oldest trick in the book. What you should be doing as female rappers is rapping about male rappers showing you in a bad way but do it just as hard and gangsta as them. Then you too will sell and that is the best way of getting your message out!


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