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Why cheating footballers like Wayne Rooney man united big money star cheat on their wives to get with prostitute

Updated on July 10, 2011

Footballer Wayne Rooney Cheats on Wife

Once again another Premiership footballer Wayne Rooney has been caught cheating on his wife Coleen.Wayne Rooney is another in a long list of Famous Premiership football players who seemingly have the world at their feet but still find it neccesary to cheat on their wives or girlfriends (WAGS).

Wayne Rooney the Manchester United football ace has been Exposed by hooker Jenny Thompson after going behind his wifes back to have £1200 romps which started back in June 2009.This of course is not the first time Wayne Rooney has been caught up in a vice scandal having previously being linked to several prositutes including granny Patricia Tierney who Rooney famously paid £45 for sex back in August 2004 just under a year after getting engaged to Coleen.

This news will be a big blow to his pretty wife Coleen once voted one of the worlds sexiest women back in 2005. Coleen a successful buisness woman in her own right and reportedly worth £10 million will be devastated and left reeling as to whether there are any other scandals that will now come out of the woodwork to further embarass her and her family.


Coleen Rooney

How could Rooney cheat on his wife coleen
How could Rooney cheat on his wife coleen


Too much Too Young. I believe these obscenely paid young footballers think they are totally invincible and believe in their own minds that they can simply use all their money to get them anything they want and to hell with the consequence.

Cheating on your Wife is wrong FULL STOP. Wayne Rooney had everything a man could ever want (The cars, the money, the celebrity lifestyle, millions of adoring fans around the world and a beautiful wife and child) but yet found it in himself to have the need whilst his wife was pregnant to not only cheat on his Wife but to cheat on her with a Prostitute.

Its about time Wayne Rooney and other Footballers realised just how lucky they are and started to appreciate just what they have.

Well Wayne Rooney just may have lost a Wife after this latest scandal and i for one hope he gets taken to the cleaners because he doesn't deserve a lovely wife like Coleen.After all Coleen is not your average footballers Wife she is very successful in her own right and deserves a Husband who will treat her with respect.

Wayne Rooney had a terrible world cup tournament maybe now this can be explained because he was more interested in prostitutes than honouring his own Country at Football and respecting his Wife.

Well all the money in the World that Wayne Rooney has got is not going to get him out of this situation.Yes he will still get paid £100,000 a week and maybe still keep his sponsorship deals with Nike,Coca Cola and EA Sports worth nearly £2 million a year but his name and reputation is tarnished for ever.

For a man to cheat on his wife is one thing for a famous footballer like Wayne Rooney to do it and get get caught and embarrass his Wife and Family for the whole world to see is an absolute disgrace.

Its about time these Players were brought down a peg or too and have there Money put into trust funds until they are at an age when they can learn to be more responsible and respect the very very fortunate position they find themselves in.

Rooney back with Coleen

Wayne Rooney is a very lucky man after wife Coleen has given him a last chance.She has made it clear to the Man Utd striker that any more cheating will result in the end of their marraige!!! 

Wayne and Coleen Rooney Pictures

Wayne and Coleen Rooney together before latest sex scandal
Wayne and Coleen Rooney together before latest sex scandal
Wayne Rooney Manchester Ubited Striker
Wayne Rooney Manchester Ubited Striker


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    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      attemptedhumour i agree with you Rooney should appreciate more what he has, and yes the money is outrageous when considering England is in a recession and peple are out of work and living on the breadline. Thanks for coming by!!! Cheers.

    • attemptedhumour profile image

      attemptedhumour 7 years ago from Australia

      He's missed enough chances for England, but he'll find out what real missed opportunities are like when the effects on his child kick in. The money they get is obscene. Cheers

    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Thanks hubpageswriter for your comments but since writing this coleen has taken wayne rooney back so he should consider himself very fortunate.Lets see if he blows this chance.Keep coming by and cheers!!!

    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 7 years ago

      I don't understand this too. If I'm Rooney, I'll be going towards a different direction, but that's his life to cater to. -Shrugs- Good hub, SIJO1.

    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Yes indeed wayne rooney dosnt deserve any more chances and i will be very suprised if Coleen will give him the time of day now

    • Idoknot profile image

      Idoknot 7 years ago

      Someone throw this gal a Divorce Party!

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