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Wayne Static Keeps Static-X Focused

Updated on December 12, 2017
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Kenna has worked in the entertainment business for over 20 years, promoting special events with musicians, celebrities, and dignitaries.


Metal Band

Static-X easily can call itself a true American industrial metal band with a very strong flavor of techno added to spice up the dance beat and rhythm. Still, there might be those few listeners who say Static-X delivers rock.

If you have ever seen a picture of Wayne Static, you would have noticed that his hairdo completely relates to his last name. The hair goes straight up as if he’s been electrified. But, in an interview with UGO Static admits he uses lots of hairspray while blow drying his hair.

Clearly Static is the driving force behind the band, he told UGO, “I've co-produced every record. I've never been listed as the producer, but I'm the kind of guy that's got to be involved in every aspect of what I do."


Fans Wait

Wayne seems to be doing an awesome job of keeping the Static-X focused even though the band has had its ups and downs with members of the group. The group started out in the Midwest when Static met up with drummer Ken Jay in Chicago. Both decided to head to California together and start a new band.

They arrived and immediately hooked up with Osaka-native Koichi Fukada after Fukada responded to a classified ad, becoming the band’s new guitarist and programmer. Next, the band signed up Tony Campos.

Combining aggressive metal and trash with typical overtones and techno pulsating sounds, Static-X was now a hot band and Warner Bros. signed them on in February 1998. Wisconsin Death Trip arrived on the streets close to year after signing their contract and went certified gold.

Fukada left the band and Tripp Eisen took his place for Machine in 2001, then Jay left after Shadow Done in 2003. Unfortunately, Eisen had to leave the group for personal reasons in 2004. That didn’t stop Static-X. Fukada rejoined taking his former position as guitar and programmer. Nick Oshiro came on as full time drummer.

In 2005, Static-X felt rejuvenated and recorded the popular Start a War. Another setback occurred when Tripp had a run in with the law and was immediately fired. Still, the group continued to make aggressive music with the release of Cannibal in 2007 and Cult of Static released in 2009.

All I can say is Wayne is a tragic figure, who lived a life of self-destruct. Abusing both drugs and alcohol sends artists in the wrong direction. RIP

© 2011 Kenna McHugh


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