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We are Listening To #1 (27/01/13): Wavves - Sail to the Sun

Updated on June 19, 2013
Wavves' frontman Nathan Williams.
Wavves' frontman Nathan Williams. | Source

Sunkissed Pop Punk Meets a Bassline That's Pure Funk

Starting as a solo project by San Diegan Nathan Williams, Wavves has since turned into a Surf/Noise-rock band who have gained a fair amount of exposure in the alternative music world. Adopting the overdriven inputs that riddled his early songs (caused by an inexperience in using the equpiment), Wavves' material was touted as the next big thing. Excluding a breakdown on stage at Primavera Sound Festival, caused by a cocktail of "Valium, Ecstasy and Xanax" most of their material and performances have been very well-received. Since the project began in 2008 the project has been expanded to currently have two additional members - bassist Stephen Pope and drummer Jacob Cooper. Following the 2011 EP Life Sux, on the 12th December 2012 Wavves released the video for new single - Sail to the Sun.

Abandoning the lo-fi skuzz that previously accompanied Wavves' sunny melodies and instead focusing more on their talent for producing a great hook, Wavves have produced a delectable slice of Pop Punk in the form of Sail to the Sun. A mellow introduction of candy-coated chimes and a religious recording is quickly displaced by driving drums integrated with an infectious bassline. Although at first slightly reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys'early work, any impressions of the track not sounding like Wavves are subverted when the track is infused with surf-guitars and Nathan William's distinctive reverberated vocals. From then on it is an exhilarating rollercoaster-ride of Punk Pop that never pauses to catch its breath.


You can listen to Sail to the Sun below. Please comment with your opinion on the track and share and follow this hub to discover all of the latest alternative music news. Thank you!

Wavves - Sail to the Sun


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