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Men In Black- Guys head blown off

Updated on November 7, 2011

We are the MEN IN BLACK

They walk among us while protecting us from intergalactic threats while helping aliens live peacefully yet unnoticed on Earth. They're organization doesn't officially exist; they're the "Men in Black." Berry Sonnenfeld, Will Smith (J a.k.a. James Edwards), and Tommy Lee Jones (K) are a dynamite team of comedy that'll keep audiences on the edge of their seat with plenty of thrills, action, and just plain fun to watch. The film is based off an old Marvel Comic book in which tells the story of a secret government organization that maintains order of alien activity on Earth without the public knowing about it. In the film, Will Smith plays a NYPD officer who accidentally stumbles onto an alien operation that could potentially put the entire planet in danger. After witnessing the young man's athletic ability as he chased down an alien renegade, K tries to recruit James into the organization. Being erased of all his identification, James becomes known as Agent J. Meanwhile, the alien threat involves a giant alien cockroach who tries to steal a galaxy from another group of aliens on Earth. Plus, to add even further disarray, the MIB only has about twenty four hours or else the planet will explode. Talk about pressure. The special effects for this film is pretty much what you'd expect, and the chemistry between Smith and Jones was just excellent. Jones' conservative acting with Smith's wild physical comedy makes for one hillarious sci-fi version of the "Odd Couple." Berry Sonnenfeld does a great job directing this film and using the right amount of humor and action to keep people entertained throughout the film. "Men in Black" is one of the funniest yet intriguing sci-fi comedies ever made.

The special effects were solid which is everything one could hope for out of Hollywood these days. Heck, when J takes on the giant cockroach in the movie, it literally looked almost too real to believe. I was especially impressed with that guy that got his head blown off then grew it back. I know it was obviously done with computers, but it still looks pretty cool.

As for Will and Tommy, they were just beautiful together. Like many other great duos in the past such as Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, Walter Matheau and Jack Lemmon, it certainly has been proven that opposites attract when it comes to comedy duos. And of course, Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones is no exception to this rule. Jones' quiet stoic performance plays along with Smith's wild crazy approach, so it creates a lot of comedy between them. Both actors manage to play off each other beautifully. Making audiences clamor with laughter.

However, Berry Sonnenfeld's direction is what really set the tone for the film. Instead of going for the typical Hollywood invasion movie bit, or the awesome encounter of mankind's first contact with extraterestrials bit, Sonnenfeld plays this movie out like a typical sci-fi comedy. Sure he could've made that giant cockroach and J talk to each other about how humans are nothing in the grand scheme of the universe like it was originally planned, but where would the fun be in that? "Men In Black" isn't a philosophical film about mankind and extraterrestrial life, but rather a film that'll keep audiences on the edge with intense action scenes, comedy and great performances.

"Men in Black" is one of the best sci-fi comedies ever made. Using great special effects and chemistry, it's a no brainer why this film is a modern classic. Just good old family fun.


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