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Weight Loss - These Celebrities Are Too Skinny - Stars That Are Too Skinny

Updated on July 16, 2014
When did this become sexy?
When did this become sexy?

Stars Are Too Darn Skinny!

I have read it over and over again... Celebrities in a magazine or in an interview insisting they do not have an eating disorder or body image distortion. However, there are too many celebrities that are just too darn skinny, and they can say until they are blue in the face that they are naturally that skinny but BONES SHOULD NOT BE PROTRUDING OUT FROM UNDER YOUR SKIN. That means you have problem.

The other disappointing thing about the celebrities that are too skinny and that deny having any problems are the girls they are effecting. Young girls see pictures of these beautiful, WAY TOO SKINNY ladies and they think that this is what they should look like. It's disgusting that young people think they need to starve themselves in order to be beautiful. I see nothing beautiful about a gaunt and boney figure.

Hopefully these starving stars or over dieting stars or over exercising stars will see the light of day and stop what they are doing to themselves. These stars are effecting much more than just themselves. They are in the public eye and they affect young minds each day.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton

# 12 Kate Middleton

I love you Kate, I just wanted to start with that sentence before I begin talking about the future queen of England. Kate has always been skinny but it was more of a sporty skinny. Now she simply looks like she has stopped eating. There is a good chance that Kate feels she has to be skinny, being the next queen and all. I'm sure that causes a lot of stress, I should know I am the queen of my own kingdom of ranch houses, and I am stressed daily by the major decisions I have to make such as, Tide with Downy or Tide without. THE HORROR. Kate gave birth to Prince George and came out looking like she had been doing Pilates in the hospital. England has some good food, no really they do, Kate needs to try eating more and worrying less about the royals.

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# 11 BethennyFrankel

Poor... Ignorant... Naive... Bethenny. Ms. Frankel actually posted a picture of her wearing her four year old's pajamas recently. I'm not exactly sure what Bethany was thinking by doing this. What was she expecting would happen after posting pictures of her shrunken, sunken in, gaunt, starved, boney body wearing a child's pajama set. It's hard to imagine Bethenny thinking about the idea "Wow, I should put on my daughter's pajamas and post the pic on social media. Everyone will think i'm so cool and there will be no backlash at all." One would hope that Bethenny is actually smarter than this... But it doesn't seem to be. This poor girl thinks its cute that her malnourished body fits into a four year old's clothes.

What do you think about Bethenny Frankel

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# 10 Angelina Jolie

I'll say it now.. I am team Jennifer. Always have been... Always will be... So I do have a certain distaste for Ms. Jolie (home wrecker.) Okay now that I got that out of my system... Angelina Jolie has been spending so much time in underdeveloped countries that it seems like she is having guilt over eating. What she does with her charities and goodwill is amazing but I wonder if she feels guilty for having so much more than the people she helps do. We have too many starving people in the world and we need to help them, so why is she CHOOSING to starve herself. Any individual she meets in the countries she helps would give their left arm and leg to be where she is today. So why is she choosing to make herself bone thin. I'm not sure what drives Angelina to be so skinny, but I like to think it's the guilt for splitting up a marriage.

What do you think about Angelina Jolie?

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Leann Rimes
Leann Rimes

# 9 Leann Rimes

If I had to pick one photograph to represent the word self -conscious and egotistical, it would have to be Leann Rimes' picture. Leann Rimes is so worried about her appearance, that she has to flaunt around in tiny bikinis and dresses taking pictures of herself to put on instagram and twitter. I guess that can happen to a girl when she and her future husband cheat on their old spouses and then hook up. It's obvious Leann is trying to be the perfect skinny girl for her husband's wandering eye but the truth is he probably has already tapped most of Malibu. I'll say it now for the record... Leann you are beautiful, talented, and yes a cheater, but please stop posting your sickly looking body all over social media. We get it... You are skinny... We get it ... You are a great step mom.... Yes, you are skinnier than Brandi Glanville now, but NO you will not keep your husband faithful to you. Case closed, send me the check in the mail for your ten second therapy session. How about getting off of the social media sites and cooking up a nice box of Kraft Macaroni and cheese. A box of that always makes me feel better.

What do you think about Leann Rimes?

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Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

# 8 Lindsay Lohan

Alright, this one could be because of the large amount of drugs she is putting into her system but Ms. Lohan is not only spiraling out of control, it looks as if she needs donations from a food pantry. Lohan may be more famous now for her crumbling career, her drug use, her alcohol drinking, and her rehab hopping habits but Lindsay is so focused on putting drug after drug into her system and not on eating healthy food, that her shoulder blades have become sharp weapons. I'm sure when Lindsay is on an all night Coke binge, that the last thing she is thinking about is her next meal, but this girl is in dire need of a Betty Crocker intervention.

Heck even Oprah couldn't save her. She may be beyond saving but maybe a trip to Krispy Kreme would get her addicted to something else.

What do you think about Lindsay Lohan

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Denise Richards
Denise Richards

# 7 Denise Richards

Alright... I must give this to Ms. Richards, being married to Charlie Sheen can really mess a person up, going through a divorce with Sheen must drive a person beyond crazy. Denise Richards definitely has enough crazy and stress in her life,from Sheen alone, to cause her to stop eating as much. However, this mother of three needs to remember she is beautiful, and that Sheen is a certified crazy. She used to have a sporty body but lately has been very thin and gaunt. Her arms are extremely thin and there is zero fat on her body. Sheen has a new girlfriend, let her handle the crazy for now, and Ms. Richards, you just worry about handling a few slices of pizza.

What do you think about Denise Richards?

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Tori Spelling
Tori Spelling

# 6 Tori Spelling

This poor girl has been in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons lately. The most prominent reason being her cheating husband and the other reason being her incredible skinny body. It's obvious Tori does not have a healthy body image of herself. She has shrunken down to a skeleton since the news of her cheating husband hit the airwaves. Poor Tori can sometimes be seen in pictures carrying around one of her four children and it looks as if she will topple over from her young child's weight. I say kick Dean to the curb and hire a hot young chef to cook up some juicy meals.

What do you think about Tori Spelling?

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Nicole Richie
Nicole Richie

# 5 Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie, used to have more meat on her bones, however, the more famous she became, the smaller she grew. This young lady is a perfect example of what happens to a young female when in the spotlight. Richie obviously couldn't handle the pressures from "Hollywood" and now she is extremely thin. Richie has always been a beautiful girl but now it seems like she has let "Hollywood" get into her head and the only thing she is letting in to her stomach are salad greens for life.

What do you think about Nicole Richie?

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Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham

# 4 Victoria Beckham

Former member of the "Spice Girls." This "Posh Spice" is the mother to four beautiful children, one of them being a girl. As a mother of a young girl, Victoria needs to be careful as to what she is showing her young daughter about her body image. Victoria always has her characteristic scowl on her face because she is always dreaming of a Big Mac sandwich. She has all the money in the world but she can't get her hands on a nice juicy Big Mac, I'm sure you would see a smile on her face quite quickly if she was fed a proper meal.

Mrs. Beckham's sunglasses in the picture to the right look as if the weight alone will snap her fragile neck into two.

What do you think about Victoria Beckham?

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Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana Rancic

# 3 Giuliana Rancic

I don't know if Giuliana has been hanging around Joan Rivers to long and now she no longer thinks clearly, but this woman has been shrinking right before our very eyes over the last five years or so. Giuliana may feel stress to be a certain size because she is a fashion correspondent, but you can have some meat on your bones and still talk about fashion.

What do you think about Giuliana Rancic?

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# 2 Kate Bosworth

I remember seeing Kate in the movie "Blue Crush" and thinking wow... what a healthy, sporty, athletic, beautiful looking girl she was. Now I feel as if a gentle breeze may blow and knock her tiny body over. I fear that the width of her arm may be the width of most people's wrists.

What do you think about Kate Bosworth?

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Kiera Knightly
Kiera Knightly

# 1 Kiera Knightly

This poor starlet has been at the center of the skinny wars for years. She still insists she is just naturally this skinny. I don't know how to tell her but she is NOT naturally so skinny, that her ribs stick out from under her skin, and her shoulder blades protrude enough to poke someone's eye out. Knightly seems to become very upset when her weight is brought up, maybe if she ate a burger every once in a while I wouldn't have to stare at her gaunt, sunken in face. No wonder she's always in a bad mood...she's always hungry.

What do you think about Kiera Knightly?

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      4 years ago

      Thanks for stopping by my blog & linaevg such kind words. I just spent a lovely morning checking out your AWESOME website (my favorite part is your about me section love it~!). And also been on your blog awhile .your images are GORGEOUS & your use of light is INSPIRING. Love your work~!!!!! big smiles from Savannah, GA~!


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